Friday, 24 April 2015

Review: Asa [Marked Men #6] by Jay Crownover

Title: Asa
Author: Jay Crownover
Author Info: Website|Blog|Facebook|Twitter
Genre: New Adult
Series: Marked Men #6
Source: Purchased by Myself
Publisher: Harper
Publication Date: 21st April 2015
Rating: 5 stars

Tell Me About It
Royal Hastings has been a cop, first and foremost, for most of her adult life. So when a call-out goes wrong and her partner ends up in hospital, she finds herself suspended from the job, indefinitely. With too much time on her hands and a heavy load of guilt weighing her down, she seeks solace in oblivion – otherwise known as a golden-eyed bartender with a rap sheet as long as her arm.

Asa Cross has spent his live on the wrong side of the law, but a near death experience has left him rebuilding his life and relationships. But being good is tougher than it seems – especially when being bad looks as good as Royal does.

On paper, the cop and the con seemed doomed to heartbreak – but when love has stolen your heart, how can you walk away?
My Thoughts
I have been counting down the publication of Asa since I finished reading Rowdy, and when Asa arrived on my iPad, I seriously considered pulling a sicky from work just to be able to read this one, but work won over, and I also had something to look forward to at the end of a long and busy day.

Getting to the finale of a series is always hard for me. Part of me wants to devour the book, find out how it all ends, and live in blissful happily-ever-after-ness, but the other part of me doesn't want to read the book. I'm not ready to admit that the series is over, that this really is end, with no more books to look forward to, obviously my eagerness to discover what happens won over and I read Asa in just a few short hours. This review is going to be vague and short, I didn't really take any review notes like I usually would so it's more going to be my feelings and thoughts about Asa, rather than the exact details.

Asa is an epic finale to this series, not only do we finally get to see what Asa is all about....which is some serious hot stuff...shower scene ;), but it also catches up with the rest of the Marked Men and Women and see what they are all up to now. Asa has so much to redeem himself for, and his feelings towards Royal only aid to confuse him, rather than focus him. He is torn up over his past, and we get a very detailed look into his sordid past, what he was capable of doing, and what he did. But we also see the Asa that we have grown to know and love, the Asa that cares about his sister, who values the friendship of Rome more than he shows.

Asa really beats himself up over all the mistakes he has made growing up, and he keeps this firmly in mind to rebuke all of Royals advances, until enough is enough and this duo finally sort themselves out. Royal is someone who surprised me, the persona she portrays is nothing like the Royal we get to see in the pages of Asa, she has her own doubts and insecurities and these make her doubt her actions in the field, doubt her ability to be a good cop, and also Asa's feelings towards her

The catch up with the rest of the gang was better than I imagined, although I did guess a few things before they were admitted, each new surprise just made me giddy with excitement. I love how this series has come to an end with the whole group, and not just with Asa and Royal.

Final Verdict
Asa was just as good as I expected, I loved every single page of the book and the ending was perfect, and it's very rare I am satisfied with a finale ending.

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