Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Bookish & Bloggish News: Night School Web Series

The cast and crew of Night School: The Web Series will be attending an exclusive screening of the Series at Comic Con’s Vidfest on Sunday 24th May at 1pm in London. Audiences will have a chance to meet and question BAFTA nominated director Jack Jewers, Jessica Sargent (Allie Sheridan), Campbell Challis (Carter West), Grace Parry (Katie Gilmore), Jodie Hirst (Jo Arringford) and, last but not least, CJ Daugherty herself.

Tickets are still available to buy here

Night School: The Web Series was the first ever British Web Series based on a British YA Book. The series was first broadcast on YouTube in December 2014 and received outstanding support from viewers, with over 400,000 collective views. The Series was also credited with several Indie Series Network’s Web Series Awards, including Best Episode and Best Actor, and has been invited to appear at the Marseilles Web Festival in October 2015.

Useful Links

Night School: The Web Series

Tickets information

Vidfest Programme

CJ Daugherty’s official website

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