Thursday, 21 May 2015

Review: Falling Deep [Nelson Island #2] by Diana Gardin

Title: Falling Deep
Author: Diana Gardin
Author Info: Website|Facebook|Twitter
Genre: Contemporary
Series: Nelson Island #2
Source: NetGalley via publicist
Publisher: Forever Yours
Publication Date: 7th April 2015
Rating: 4 stars

Tell Me About It
Reed Hopewell is a lot of things to a lot of people . . .

To his parents, he's the son who needs to get serious. To his friends, he's the player they all want to be. And to his fans, he's the hottest rocker in Charleston. But never has Reed been anyone's hero-until the night he finds Hope.

Hope Dawson can count the number of men she trusts on one hand. Definitely not the guys she goes out with or the stepfather who treats her like property. She'd be out of his house tomorrow if not for the need to protect her little sister. But when things at home go from bad to worse, Hope has to act fast-and Reed is the only person she can turn to . . .
My Thoughts
When I was approached to review Falling Deep I was assured that although it is second in a series, that it could be read as a stand alone. When I began reading I was happy to see that this was correct, it actually felt like Falling Deep was its own book, and although it tells you what happened from the first book, but it doesn't reveal the how or why, so you could easily go and read the first book.

From the minute I began reading Falling Deep I was hooked, who doesn't love a sexy, mysterious bad boy who sings. Reed is all of that, but he also has a softer side to him, and we get to see this early on within the pages. Hope was someone who I felt sorry for, especially the end of the date, but a few pages later I was shocked over what I was reading and why it was happening. MY heart broke for what she does and why, and it's a true look at how important her sister Violet is to her, and how determined she is that they will have a better life.

Falling Deep wasn't what I expected, going into this and seeing that one of the protagonists was a singer I thought he would be arrogant, and self absorbed, expecting everyone to fall at his feet. But I was pleasantly surprised to find I actually liked him....OK I had a book-boyfriend crush on him.

Falling Deep drew me into the pages and I felt every up and down of the journey that it took me on. I liked how things weren't easy for Hope and Reed, that they built up a tentative friendship and experienced the ups and downs of being attracted to someone, but also someone who is hiding something.
The characters in the pages felt real, and I loved Morrow for how he is there for Hope, for the good and the bad, I really want him to find his own person to fall in love with.

Final Verdict
Falling deep was an enjoyable read and I am looking forward to seeing what comes next.

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