Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Blogoversary Quiz: Name the Character

Todays Blogoversary Quiz for you is to guess the characters from the descriptions. If it helps I have read all of these books and loved them all. They have all been published in the last few years, especially during my blogging years. Good luck!!!!!!

  1. I am a One. I have an ability to float but not fly. I need another person to become a Two.

  2. I am a Mara, my boyfriend is a banshee. I have been sent from school to school and live with foster parents who aren't really interesting in my comings and goings.

  3. I have an ability to use power words, and I am in a relationship with a werelion. I have a very big sword, and a dog that can change size.

  4. I am a human but my ancestry is steeped in a history of tea parties, rabbits, and Queens. My heart was literally torn between the human and magical world, between my skater boy and my morphling.

  5. I am a character that likes carving pumpkins, and eating Basagna. I am the legal guardian of my brother and unknowingly once went on a date with my teacher, who also lived across the road from me.

  6. I am named after a nymph from mythology with a brother who was similarly names. All I have left of my brother is a 1965 corvette. I am scarred from the past, both physically and mentally. I fell in love with the bad boy that everyone told me to avoid.

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