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Book Wars! Frostfire [Kanin Chronicles #1] by Amanda Hocking (87)

Book Wars a weekly feature hosted between two book review blogs – A Life Bound By BooksMuch Loved Books!

It’s a fact that book lovers know all about the covers of the books they covet. Often when a title is released here in the UK, it’s sometimes vastly different across the pond in the US. So, Lisa from A Life Bound By Books and I have come together to create Book Wars to talk about the difference in covers when it comes to the US vs. UK versions. We hope from time to time authors will chime in with their thoughts as well. We welcome everyone to comment and share their thoughts too! The more the merrier!

Before we get to this weeks Book Wars, we have a winner to announce.The Book Wars winner for I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson is...US!!!!!!
Thank you to everyone who voted for both books, and for picking a winner.

Also, there's a poll at the bottom of the post that we'd love to hear your input for the two covers! Tell us which one YOU love the most. 

Left: US - Right: UK
Title: Frostfire
Author: Amanda Hocking
Series: Kanin Chronicles #1
US -St. Martin's Griffin, 336 Pages, (January 6th, 2015),
UK - Tor UK, 300 Pages, (January 15th, 2015),
Add to Goodreads: USA Version | UK Version
Order online here:
USA:Amazon, Barnes and Noble, The Book Depository
UK:Amazon UKWaterstonesW H Smith, The Book Depository

Will she give up her dream to follow her heart?

Bryn Aven is determined to gain status amongst the Kanin, the most powerful of the hidden tribes. But as a half-blood, winning respect is a huge challenge. Bryn's almost-human community distrusts people, and those from other tribes are almost as suspect.
She has just one goal to get ahead: to join the elite guard protecting the Kanin royal family. And Bryn's vowed that nothing will stand in her way, not even a forbidden romance with her boss, Ridley Dresden.
But her plans are put on hold when fallen hero Konstantin starts acting dangerously. Bryn loved him once, but now he's kidnapping Kanin children - stealing them from hidden placements within human families. She's sent to help stop him, but will she lose her heart in the process?

About the Author:
Amanda Hocking is a lifelong Minnesotan obsessed with Batman and Jim Henson. In between watching cooking shows, taking care of her menagerie of pets, and drinking too much Red Bull Zero, she writes young adult urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

Her New York Times best-selling series the Trylle Trilogy has been optioned for films. She has published fifteen novels, including the Hollows and the Watersong series. Frostfire and Ice Kissed - the first two books in her newest trilogy, The Kanin Chronicles - are out now, and the final book Crystal Kingdom will be out August 4, 2015.

For more info about her and her books, here are some other places to check out and ways to contact her:





Publisher Website:



Find Amanda Online:
Website | BlogTwitter| Facebook

Let the Wars Begin:
Its now time to make our decision, let's see what we think about the covers and pick our favourite cover.
I think this is a first for us... these covers are so similar yet so different. The US cover being light, the UK cover being dark. Both in the mountains and snow... the same overlay picture of the model. The same bright red coat that brings your eye into the girl.

Yet the covers are so totally different.

And while I'm at first drawn to the UK cover I find myself taking in more and wanting to look at everything within the US - the scroll work down the sides, the rabbit on top of the title, the snow all around and in the air. The way the color of her coat seems to make the rest of the cover come alive, if you will.

So, the US cover has my vote. I really could have gone either way. But there's something that the UK cover that shouldn't be over looked either.

Now that you know my choice, what will be YOURS? Share yours below with a simple click on a cover to cast your vote!
I love both of these covers, so it was really hard to pick a winner. I've also only just realised that it is the exact same cover model, only faced a different direction.

Now, back to my thoughts. These covers are amazing. I love the whole effect of it. The character portray Bryn perfectly, amazingly beautiful, but also strong and fearless. The background image fits in perfectly with the setting of the book, I really do think that the cover artists nailed these image perfectly.

Looking at these covers next to each other I realise how similar they are, with only a slight change. But for me it was an easy choice. While I have seen the UK cover in person, its the US that gets my vote this week. I LOVE snow, one little flake in the sky and you can find me outside waiting for more. So for me I had to pick the US cover. I love the snow on this one so much more than the UK cover. I love how white and perfect it is, which opposes whats really going on in the pages.

Don't forget to cast your vote below, and take a look at my review for Frostfire to see what I really thought about the story itself.

VOTE for YOUR favourite cover of Frostfire by Amanda Hocking NOW!

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