Thursday, 11 June 2015

Review: Mother of Eden [Dark Eden #2] by Chris Beckett

Title: Mother of Eden
Author: Chris Beckett
Author Info: Website|Twitter
Genre: Science Fiction
Series: Dark Eden #2
Source: Publisher
Publisher: Corvus
Publication Date: 4th June 2015
Rating: 3 stars

Tell Me About It
We speak of a mother's love, but we forget her power. Power over life. Power to give and to withhold.'
Generations after the breakup of the human family of Eden, the Johnfolk emphasise knowledge and innovation, the Davidfolk tradition and cohesion. But both have built hierarchical societies sustained by violence and dominated by men - and both claim to be the favoured children of a long-dead woman from Earth that all Eden knows as Gela, the mother of them all.
When Starlight Brooking meets a handsome and powerful man from across Worldpool, she believes he will offer an outlet for her ambition and energy. But she has no idea that she will be a stand-in for Gela herself, and wear Gela's ring on her own finger.
And she has no idea of the enemies she will make, no inkling that a time will come when she, like John Redlantern, will choose to kill...
My Thoughts
Mother of Eden is the second book in the Dark Eden series, I loved the first book, Dark Eden, and I have been counting down the days to the publication of this book. Mother of Eden picks up several generations after Dark Eden, so I didn't have the worry of trying to remember who was who to keep up to date with the plot. Any names I needed to know were explained quickly and concisely, keeping the flow of the story going but giving us the vital information.

Mother of Eden is told in various points of view which helped build a better picture of this new society, this new Eden that is vastly different to the Eden we knew in Dark Eden. Mother of Eden follows Starlight, as she moves from Knee Tree Grounds to go and live with Greenstone in Edenheart. What started out as a new life for her, quickly spirals downhill, and she is faced with an uphill battle trying to change the way Edenheart is run.

Mother of Eden was a book I enjoyed. I liked how it wasn't a direct follow on to the previous book, allowing for the fact that things may have been forgotten, but also allowing others to pick this up without feeling like they are missing out on too much from the previous book. The plot of Mother of Eden kept me intrigued and wondering what was going to happen next, and as it progressed I certainly did not see several events happening.

However, Mother of Eden did have its downfalls. Its was a HUGE book, and took me several days to read. due to the size, this book felt like a brick in my bag so I had to take other reading materiel to work, and then had to jump back into the world of Eden. I also felt overwhelmed with some of the information that is within the pages of Mother of Eden. There was a lot to take in and to try to retain and sometimes it just ended up confusing me.

Final Verdict
Mother of Eden was a good addition to the Dark Eden Series. I enjoyed the ending of this book and the twists and turns it took me on to get there. Overall an interesting read.

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