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Review: Risk Me [Silver Strands #2] by Lexi Scott

Title: Risk Me
Author: Lexi Scott
Author Info: Facebook|Twitter|Instagram
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Series: Silver Strands #2
Source: NetGalley
Publisher: Entangled Embrace
Publication Date: 28th July 2015
Rating: 5 stars

Tell Me About It
You can never judge the depths by the surface...

For Cohen Rodriguez, getting dumped by his girlfriend was bad enough. Being told he's "not impulsive enough" was just the cheap parting gift. Still, he takes a break from his ├╝ber responsible ways and dates his way through Silver Strand. Except it's not exactly turning out the way he thought...

On top of that, there's Maren Walshe, whose combination of sexy and down-to-earth is everything Cohen wants in a girl. But while they've recently been talking on the phone and texting every day, they've never actually met. Now Maren wants to meet. In person.

Faced with turning his oh-so-safe fantasy girl into an uncertain reality, Cohen and Maren are both about to dive head first, ready or not.

Previously released under the title Depths March 2013, and has been enhanced with new material.
My Thoughts
When I found out this amazing series was being re-branded, redesigned, and released with added extras, I knew instantly that I had to read them all again. When I saw Risk Me on NetGalley I took a change and made my request.

Risk Me is the story of Cohen, who we have met in Hide Me, and Maren, an employee from the warehouse. Risk Me begins with Cohen and Maren's only communication in the form of phone calls regarding orders, and slowly this leads to a friendship of sorts, and as the book progresses we quickly see what they mean to each other.

I began reading Risk Me, knowing there was going to be added extras, but honestly I really could not tell. I think it's been so long since I re-read this book in the original form, that Risk Me felt like a brand new book, with a lot of events happening that I had completely forgotten about.

Cohen has got to be close to being the perfect friend and boyfriend. He has his own place, a steady job, and it so thoughtful and considerate of others feelings. He definitely knows how to treat a woman and take no crap from anyone putting them down. He is also willing to drop everything to help friends in need out. He is very open about his feelings and isn't scared to let others know.
I've been dating blind for too long, Maren." I swallow hard."I think it's time to open my eyes and see the girl who's been right in front of me all along.
Maren was someone who broke my heart, not with her actions or thoughts, but with her life and how she lives. Her Dad is a drunk who is quite happy to let Maren deal with the finances, the food, and working her ass off everyday to try to make ends meet. But she is unwilling to let him go, to make her own path and future, scared he wouldn't survive without her.

I love the world Lexi Scott has created, and how it fits perfectly with the attitude and personalities of the characters within the pages of Risk Me. Yes, it isn't all sunshine and roses, the characters do struggle to get what they want, but that only makes it more real, more believable. The characters are like an extended family to me, and I really do like how we get to catch up with Whit and Deo, and also see a bit more of Cohen's family, giving us a hint of what is to come.

Final Verdict
Risk Me is another great summer read from this amazing author. It has everything you could need in a book, romance, friendship, sun, sand, sex, and surfing. It is another great addition to this series, and I am counting down the days for the next installment.

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