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Recent Reads (03)

Recent Reads is a way for me to round up books that I have read recently that are either too small to really give a detailed review of them, or are books read for fun with no review notes taken.

Title: Depth of Field
Author: Chantel Guertin
Source: Purchased by myself
Publication Date: 1st August 2014
Rating: 4 stars

Tell Me About It
Two weeks in New York City should be the time of Pippa’s life: she’s attending the prestigious Tisch Photography Camp, her boyfriend, Dylan McCutter (two months and counting!) is coming with her, and their parents are 500 miles away. Talk about lights, camera, (swoony, unchaperoned) action! But what should be 14 unforgettable days of bliss turns into chaos when her one and only nemesis, Ben Baxter, proves to be surprisingly more complex than she could’ve ever imagined, and her Tisch mentor, a renowned photographer, seems to have a lot more to do with her parents’ past than anyone wants her to know. Is Pippa out of her depth?
My Thoughts
I've had Depth of Field sitting on my shelf for a while waiting to be read, and after getting the next book in this series for review, I decided I really need to dive back into this world and finish this book.
Pippa is going to Tisch after winning the competition, and her opponent and photo stealer, Ben goes too. I expected things to be tense between this duo, but Ben quickly makes amends for his actions and explains his reasons for doing what he does, this did make me feel sorry for him.
Pippa goes on a journey or learning, of growing, and also finds some hidden family secrets that she had no idea about, secrets her Mum didn't want her to know.

I really enjoyed this book, from the photography, the cash cab, even down to making friends with unexpected people. I can't wait to dive into this world again with the next book.

Title: H.I.V.E: Overlord Protocol
Author: Mark Walden
Source: Library
Publication Date: 5th July 2011
Rating: 3 stars

Tell Me About It
Otto and Wing have special permission to leave H.I.V.E.'s secret island location to attend a funeral (all too common in their line of business). But before they reach their destination they are ambushed. Who would risk assassinating Otto Malpense, star pupil of the Higher Institute of Villainous Education and favourite of Number One, the most powerful villain alive? A new power is rising to challenge Number One's authority, and they need H.I.V.E. and its powerful computer to do so. Otto thought the only thing he wanted was to escape from H.I.V.E., but now he's desperately trying to save it, and himself.
My Thoughts
I really enjoyed the first book in this series, so when I saw H.I.V.E: Overlord Protocol in my library I knew I had to read it. H.I.V.E: Overlord Protocol picks up after book one, but can be read without really knowing too much about the previous book, as major things are briefly covered.
Reading H.I.V.E: Overlord Protocol I felt it was immature for me, I think I'd enjoy it more as an audio, rather than reading it. I liked the plot and the story, and I think this is perfect for age band around 10 years of age or slightly older.

Title: Magic Breaks
Author: Ilona Andrews
Source: Purchased by myself
Publication Date: 29th July 2014
Rating: 5 stars

Tell Me About It
Atlanta's paranormal communities are on the brink of destruction…but one thing is certain: where there's a fire...Kate Daniels will be lighting her own match...

Now that she's official mate of the Beast Lord, Curran, former mercenary, Knight of the Order of Merciful Protection, world class swordswoman and professional smart-mouth Kate Daniels has way too much on her plate. Besides her own investigative business, she now shoulders the responsibilities of Atlanta's large and unruly Pack...whose prominence has generated it's own special problem by catching the attention of Roland, an ancient and godlike wielder of magic, whose powers are as devastating as his cruelty.

A deadly, epic confrontation is inevitable; the mysterious death of one of the Masters of the Dead during a Conclave of all the supernatural forces of Atlanta adds further tension to an already explosive situation. Now Kate must expose the killer AND prepare for the mayhem about to ensue; knowing that Roland's attention will be especially focused on her—and those closest to her!
My Thoughts
This has been on my shelf for a while, and with the publication of the next installment imminent I thought it was best to tackle this one while I had the chance. What a book this was, it had so many twists and turns I never knew what was going to happen next, who would die, and what the ending would be like. It's been a while since I last visited Kate's world, but we had a brief overview of everything that's happened so far ,and a quick run down of who was who, which was helpful.

I love Kate as a character, I love seeing how she has grown as a character, both as an individual, but also as a partner. With Curran at her side this couple can do anything, but even that is put into doubt in the pages of Magic Breaks, I have never been so worried over these characters before.

I initially wasn't sure about Desandra but after a few pages of having her around she did grow on me, and towards the end of the book she really did show why she deserves to be Alpha.
Ascanio was someone who is either hit or miss for me, mainly due to his arrogance, but I found him entertaining, especially trying to get in to Desandra good books.....or bed ;)

Overall Magic Breaks was another fantastic addition to this world, and I have the next book ready and waiting to be read.

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