Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Revew: Storm Horse by Nick Garlick

Title: Storm Horse
Author: Nick Garlick
Author Info: Website
Genre: Animal Stories, Real Life Drama
Source: Publisher
Publisher: Chicken House Books
Publication Date: 6th August 2015
Rating: 4 stars

Tell Me About It
With his mother missing and his father dead, 12-year-old Flip's new home is a remote storm-tossed Dutch island. Menaced by the local bullies and with a shadowy mute girl as his only friend, Flip tries to adapt to life on his uncle's farm \- but his whole life changes when a sunken transport ship leaves a drowning stallion floundering in the waves. Risking his life to rescue it, Flip is told he can keep the troublesome horse if he can teach it how to work for its keep.
My Thoughts
When I first saw Storm Horse, what initially drew me in was the book cover, it matches the story perfectly and conveys what the story is about. I had never heard of the author before, nor had I read any of his work, so I had no expectations going into this book.

Storm Horse begins with Flip, the protagonist, travelling with his Uncle to his new home. He is to stay there with his Uncle, Aunt, and Cousin after the death of his father. What begins as a lonely start, with lots of hard work thrown in, soon turns out to be so much more when Flip rescues a drowning horse from the sea. When the characters were first introduced I really didn't think much of Flip's Uncle Andries, I thought he was too overpowering, to controlling of Flip and his move, and he did not show any sympathy towards him for having no family left. The island that Flip is travelling to sounds desolate and sad, but as Flip explores he discovers more about the island, and begins to  make a few friends, and enemies.
Mr Mesman, I have never detested a character as much as I detested him. He thinks he owns the island as he has money, and imagines himself as the owner, as someone who can buy up the land for his own needs. His sons are just as bad and cause trouble everywhere they go. The are spoilt brats with not a single conscience between them.

Storm Horse was an interesting read, it has a mixture of older and poorer times, people work hard to get where they are and do not lay down easily. They have a backbone, a way of life, and a clear guide on what is tolerated and what isn't. I liked the slid feel of the island and it inhabitants once I go into the story, they had thier own history written all around.

As a character Flip is not only resilient, but resourceful and strong. He has lost his family, is sent to live with strangers who are his family, even his way of life has changed. Be he is not afraid to get stuck in, to lend a hand and prove he is worthy of thier trust and friendship. The things he does for Storm go above and beyond what most people would do, and even in the most daring, life threatening situations, Flip does not hesitate to do what he believes is right.

Final Verdict
Storm Horse was a surprising read, but one that I really enjoyed.. It was easy to fall into this world the author has created and when the final page turned, I found myself wanting it to continue.

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