Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Review: What Milo Saw by Virginia Macgregor

Title: What Milo Saw
Author: Virginia Macgregor
Author Info: Website|Facebook|Twitter
Genre: Contemporary, Adult Fiction
Source: NetGalley
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group UK
Publication Date: 13th August 2015
Rating: 3

Tell Me About It
A big story about a small boy who sees the world a little differently

Milo curled his thumb and forefinger together to make a small hole and held his fingers up to Al's eyes. "Look through here. That's what I see. Kind of, only worse." "Wow, that must be amazing." Milo shrugged. "Not really." "I mean, it makes you focus, doesn't it? I bet you see all kinds of stuff that other people miss."

Nine-year-old Milo Moon has retinitis pigmentosa: his eyes are slowly failing and he will eventually go blind. But for now he sees the world through a pin hole and notices things other people don't. When Milo's beloved gran succumbs to dementia and moves into a nursing home, Milo soon realizes there's something wrong at the home. So with just Tripi, the nursing home's cook, and Hamlet, his pet pig, to help, Milo sets out on a mission to expose the nursing home and the sinister Nurse Thornhill. Insightful, wise, and surprising, What Milo Saw is filled with big ideas and simple truths. Milo sees the world in a very special way, and it will be impossible for you not to fall in love with him and then share his story with everyone you know.
My Thoughts
Days after finishing What Milo Saw I am still tying to process my thoughts about this book.  I went into What Milo Saw with no idea what retinitis pigmentosa was, but as the story began we are told what it is and how it affects Milo. Although I couldn't relate to Milo, I did feel sorry for him. Without my glasses my eyesight is just about manageable, but having to see the world through a tiny hole, not seeing tings clearly and struggling constantly is something I don't know how people cope with.

What Milo Saw was a book I found hard to really get into, and a lot of that was my own feelings and not really anything else. When I began reading I was very interested in seeing where this all led, but as the book progressed and things were getting weird I could see where it was going, so instead of my focus being on the book, it was on my feelings of anger, of sadness, and of disbelief. I have gone through what Milo goes through with his Nan, and imagining my Nan being in his Nan's place was far too easy for me. My focus and emotional connection was for his Nan, and not for Milo, which I think defeated the object of the book for me. I honestly can't remember much about what happens in the pages of the book.

Final Verdict
What Milo Saw was an interesting read, but for me it was overshadowed by my feelings.

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