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Review: Leveled [Saints of Denver #0.5] by Jay Crownover

Title: Leveled
Author: Jay Crownover
Author Info: Website|Blog|Facebook|Twitter|Instagram
Genre: Romance, Adult, M/M Romance
Series: Saints of Denver #0.5
Source: Purchased
Publisher: Harper
Publication Date: 2nd November 2015
Rating: 5 stars

Tell Me About It
Love hurts…

Leveled by a broken heart

Orlando Frederick has spent so long running from a real connection with another person that he can’t remember what love even feels like. The fear of being hurt by someone leaving is almost overwhelming and he can’t get past it.

Leveled by a broken body

Dominic Voss was a cop, first and foremost, until a life-threatening injury put his career on the back-burner. Unable to face the prospect that he might never go back to his old normal, he’s ready to try anything to feel alive again.

Leveled by love

As Lando and Dom try to find a way to be together, they must find a way to be themselves first.
My Thoughts
Leveled is a book that definitely took me out of my safe place and pushed the boundaries for me. In all honesty, if it wasn't written by one of my favourite authors I would not have given this book a second glance. Male and Male romance is not something I generally read, nor is it something I go out of my way to read, I just didn't think it was for me. But after finishing the sexiness that is Leveled I am willing to have a change of mind and venture into a new genre for me.

Leveled is a short book, and a way to merge The Marked Men, with the Saints of Denver. Leveled does a great job of not only merging these two series and forging a strong connection, but also giving us the much needed information on Orlando that readers of The Marked Men series desperately needed.
For every injured hockey player or football player that came into my clinic, I made sure that the cost of their care and rehab would be enough to cover the rehab of at least two disabled veterans or first responders injured in the line of duty.
Leveled is Dom's and Lando's story, and it picks up with Dom getting an appointment with Lando for physical therapy, to help recover from his accident and get his leg and shoulder back in working order so he can go back to work and be a part of the force again. The moment this duo meet sparks fly, and I really liked how quick these two were attracted to each other. However, Lando is still recovering from a loss of his own that happened years ago, trying to recover his lost love, someone who he will never get back. He doesn't want to fall for someone who actively goes out every day and puts themselves into the firing line, whose job it is to walk on the edge of danger. But we all know that fighting your heart is not an easy thing to do, and Lando soon realises that he can't live his life in the past, that he has to move forward at some point, he has to take a risk.

Leveled was a quick read, one that I finished in an hour or two. This was also my first foray into male/male romance, and I had no idea what to expect from that aspect itself. All I knew was that Jay would make this an incredible read. Leveled is full of romance, hot sexy boys, and some very steamy sex. I loved how it was a mix of the old and new, that we get to see some old faces that we love, but that we also see some new faces. I not only enjoyed catching up with the gang, but also seeing an ending that Lando deserved.

Final Verdict
Leveled is a great introduction to the new series from Jay, but you definitely need to have read The Marked Men series in order to understand the history of Orlando and his 'family'. I devoured this book the minute I woke up, and enjoyed every single word of it.

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