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Review: Something in the Air by Marie Landry

Title: Something in the Air
Author: Marie Landry
Author Info: Blog|Facebook|Twitter|Instagram
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Source: Author
Publication Date: 10th November 2015
Rating: 4 stars

Tell Me About It
Her life hasn't gone as planned, but she's about to realize that sometimes the best things happen when you stop expecting life to be a certain way...

When Rose Morgan put off her college plans to help her mother through a difficult time, she thought it would just be a bump in the road of her journey. She got a job to help pay the bills and started picking up the slack at home. But three years later, her bumpy ride hasn’t smoothed out yet, and Rose feels stuck. She’s working at a job she hates and living with a manipulative mother. She’s tired of feeling like her life has stalled, tired of the resentment and anger building inside her with each passing day.

Then Declan Connelly appears in her life, and even though the hot Irishman is seriously tempting, Rose is determined not to let him in. She’s afraid to suck anyone into her bizarre life, especially someone who seems too charming for his own good. She soon learns there’s more to Declan than his sexy accent and charismatic personality, though. He’s a good man, and he wants Rose in his life, baggage and all. He’s got his own, and he isn’t scared away like she originally feared he would be.

Everything in Rose’s life is changing quickly. It’s finally her time--time to figure out what she wants and what her future holds. Time to get swept off her feet and not fight it. But when her plans might take her away from all the amazing new things in her life, including Declan, Rose has to make a choice. Is she willing to chase her dreams, even if it means letting go of love?
My Thoughts
Having read some of Marie's other books, there was no chance I was going to pass up the opportunity to read her latest book, Something in the Air. When I began reading it was clear that I was going to enjoy this book.

We start the book with Rose, she is a waitress in a job that was meant to be temporary, three years later she is still there, stuck in a rut. She lives at home with her Mum, and chose to stay rather than go to college or travel after her parents divorced. Now she feels that she can't leave her Mum alone, someone who relies on Rose far too much. After this brief introduction I could relate to Rose's feeling about being stuck in a job, especially a cafe. Being on your feet all day with little or no thanks, and add to that the long hours, it's not the place to be if you didn't plan on staying long in the first place.
I loved Dante and how he is there for Rose and her Mum, but does not hesitate to help Rose in any way he can, He is a great friend for her and very supportive of her decisions, even down to quitting with her. He is the one who pokes and prods, who encourages her to stand up for herself and see who she really is.

Declan, is an Irish stranger who saves Rose from a very crazy person in a club, and literally bumps into her again. Declan is the push that Rose needs to see her life as it is, and to see what she is capable of doing. Their relationship encourages Rose to face a lot of things from the past that have always haunted her, which uncovers a lot of things that were hidden from her. I loved how he was supportive of her, even when faced with her living situation. He openly tells her how he feels and what he can do to help, and while I do think things between them were very rushed, they do make a sweet couple.

Something in the Air is a book that makes you stop and take stock of your life, makes you think about what you want for the future, but it's also about taking chances, of believing in yourself and the friendship of others. Rose is forced to confront people after her past is revealed, and to have the confidence to do that, knowing it could end up closing a door on that relationship is a hard thing to do, but the following quote speaks volumes about her self-belief at that moment in time.
You kicking me out was the best thing that could have happened. I was forced to fall or fly, so I spread the wings I didn't know I had and I flew.
The ending of Something in the Air was something I didn't expect, but it follows on the character development perfectly. However, the final twist did make me extremely happy and I really look forward to seeing if anything comes from this.

Final Verdict
Something in the Air was an enjoyable read from start to finish. I really enjoyed seeing Rose and Dante grow as characters throughout the pages and I can't wait too see if we get to hear more from them, and a few others, in the near future.

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