Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Product Review: Magnetic Bookmarks from Craftedvan

29th October 2015 was National Cat Day. To celebrate the lovely ladies at Craftedvan put a call out for cat lovers to send photos of thier fur babies in, and a select few would be made into bookmarks free of charge, without the usual customisation fee.

I obviously jumped at the chance, and sent in a few pictures of my cat. I quickly received an email off the ladies that run Craftedvan, asking for information

1. What type of cat is your cat?
2. This whole campaign was put together because we wanted to create more options of cats for cat owners to choose from. That being said, if your cat gets bookmark-ified, we would be selling it as a regular item on our shop. Please confirm that you would be okay with that! :D
3. We may need to get other views of your cat but will try our best to work off of the photos you have provided

I quickly replied back with the relevant information, and continued to keep my fingers and toes crossed that Kit would make the cut. I woke up the morning of 13th November, to find an email with pictures and links to Kit in his bookmark-ified glory. Click on the links below to be taken to the page on the Etsy website.

This was also the first purchase I made that morning, getting one of each bookmark of Kit, and then getting another set for my friend's sister, who we got Kit off. The process took about 14 days from my first email to them, right up to getting Kit bookmark-ified.

When the bookmarks arrived they looked even cuter in real life, I have one kept as a 'not to be used bookmark' and another that I am currently using. The quality of the paper and colouring used is perfect, and these bookmarks are surprisingly sturdy. They stay where they are put, unlike the real life version of this cat, and are easy to add and remove from the pages. This may be the start of a new obsession collection for me.

Look at the cuteness of this photo

Craftedvan can be found at the following places:
Website - Instagram - Etsy - Facebook - Pinterest - Little Blue Canoe

[Permission was given to use Craftedvan graphics in this post]

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  1. I LOVE these!! Now I want them to make me bookmarks of Cassie & Sparrow :) I'd have to buy that first Kit one too because he looks a lot like my first cat Mo!


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