Saturday, 27 February 2016

Recent Reads (06)

Recent Reads is a way for me to round up books that I have read recently that are either too small to really give a detailed review of them, or are books read for fun with no review notes taken.
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Beautiful Redemption by Jamie McGuire
This was a tough one for me to review. I love this world and after finishing the previous book couldn't wait to dive into this one. But after finishing it I'm left somewhat disappointed. I really didn't click with the characters as much as I thought I would. Issa was tough for me to really like, and when she finds out what she did I honestly thought she deserved it, jumping into bed with a stranger who you met 20 minutes earlier is just wrong, especially considering her job.
Thomas I really couldn't take to. He was constantly changing his mood to suit himself, not really caring about how it affects others. He wants to be with Issa but is too busy mourning his past and can't seem to get it together.
Overall this was an OK read but I can't wait to visit the next brother's story.

Forever With You by Jennifer L. Armentrout
When I've previously met Stephanie, I didn't really like her much, and I think that was because we only see her through others eyes, so I was worried over whether I would like her in this or not. When I began reading I did not stop, and I liked getting to see her in a different light.
Nick was someone who was always mysterious and getting to really delve into his life, see his personality more, and seeing this duo together made for an unpredictable, but compelling read.

There were moments that I cried, and some part of me deep down inside was expecting this, but I just wasn't prepared for how much it would make me cry. I really enjoyed this addition to the series, as well as getting to catch up with old friends. I can't wait for the next book.

The Best Goodbye by Abbi Glines
This one was a mixed book for me. Cap was someone who was always a mystery, and I never really made up my mind whether I liked him or not. Rose was someone who took a while for me to like.
I have really enjoyed this series so far, but for me The Best Goodbye wasn't my favourite. We get to see some development between the characters, but I did feel mostly at a stand still.

Salt & Stone by Victoria Scott
I've had this book waiting to be read for a while. I really enjoyed the first book in this series, but I have no idea why it took so long to read this one.
Salt & Stone follows Tella and her group of friends as they traverse and ocean, and a mountain, in thier aim to win a cure for thier loved ones. I loved getting to see the contenders work together to achieve a goal, seeing them pushed to the limits and trying to work as hard as they can.
Tella was someone who I loved, not only with her friendliness towards others, refusing to abandon them, but also with her teammates Pandoras.
I demolished this book, I could not read the pages fast enough, and although I am extremely sad over what happened near the end, I am also hanging on the cliff edge, wondering if we will get closure on this series and find out what happens in the end.

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