Thursday, 26 May 2016

Beyond the Books: Favourite Time of Day

Beyond the Books is a weekly meme where I throw out a topic (mostly non-bookish), and you guys blog about it. Come back here and share the link to your blog post, and we all have fun learning about each other.
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This week we are talking about our favourite time of day.

Todays topic was easy for me to choose. I am not a morning person at all, and each day I look forward to getting home from work. To change out of my uniform and get into my pajamas.

It's a chance to spend time with the b/f. Playing Mario kart 8 with the loser washing dishes, to eat and catch up on the day with each other, and watch a show or two. It's also time for me to curl up with a book and coffee and get a few chapters in.

For me, I love the feeling of relief knowing the working day is over and I can kick back and relax, that work is done for another day. Knowing that soon I will be in bed attempting to sleep when instead I'll be reading.


  1. I also love getting home and into pajamas! Coffee and a book is one of my favorites, too :)

  2. Getting into pjs is another great time of the day. I do love that part when I take my contacts out and put my glasses on. I am not going anywhere anymore, just me and my books (whilst Miguel watches tv beside me)


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