Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Product Review: Caseflex Ultra Thin iPad Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

I recently updated for my old iPad to an iPad mini. I tend to use this just for reading eBooks and review books but I found myself relying on it more when I started to have some issues with my PC. I needed it for blogging and also for my IT coursework. Writing using the iPad keyboard was a pain, and I'd find it hard to get the cursor where I wanted it, so I looked online for a keyboard that would do the job, but one that wouldn't blow my budget.


I ordered the Caseflex Ultra Thin Bluetooth keyboard, it had decent reviews, and was a decent price. It arrived pretty quickly and came with some small instructions that were easy to follow. To connect the keyboard you use Bluetooth, pairing your device to it. Once it's set your ready to go.

The keyboard is sturdy, with the keys very responsive to touch. It does take a bit of getting used to typing on a smaller keyboard, and finding all the symbols, but I've used it a lot for work and blogging, and I've carried it around with me in a carry case.

It's easy to attach the keyboard to the iPad, just simply slip it in place, and it's held firmly with no fear of it falling out, but it's also easy to detach the iPad for use without the keyboard. The keyboard also acts as a screen cover, so you avoid those nasty scratches. I am beyond satisfied with the keyboard and would not hesitate to recommend it to others.

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  1. Nice! I hardly every use my tablet for blogging - because it is so difficult to type on. Enjoy!


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