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The Fix ['Mancer #3] by Ferrett Steinmet

Title: The Fix
Author: Ferrett Steinmetz
Author Info: Website|Blog|Twitter
Genre: Fantasy
Series: 'Mancer #3
Source: NetGalley
Publisher: Angry Robot
Publication Date: 6th September 2016
Rating: 5 stars

Tell Me About It
America's long sent its best SMASH agents overseas to deal with the European crisis. As of today, they decided dismantling your operation was more important than containing the Bastogne Broach. Now you're dealing with the real professionals.

Paul Tsabo: Bureaucromancer. Political activist. Loving father. His efforts to decriminalize magic have made him the government's #1 enemy - and his fugitive existence has robbed his daughter of a normal life.

Aliyah Tsabo-Dawson: Videogamemancer. Gifted unearthly powers by a terrorist's magic. Raised by a family of magicians, she's the world's loneliest teenager - because her powers might kill anyone she befriends.

The Unimancers: Brain-burned zombies. Former 'mancers, tortured into becoming agents of the government's anti-'mancer squad. An unstoppable hive-mind.

When Paul accidentally opens up the first unsealed dimensional broach on American soil, the Unimancers lead his family in a cat-and-mouse pursuit all the way to the demon-haunted ruins of Europe - where Aliyah is slowly corrupted by the siren call of the Unimancers...
My Thoughts
The 'Mancer series is a series I fell into half way through, picking it up with book 2 (The Flux) rather than book 1 (Flex). But I loved it that much I went back to the beginning and listened to Flex, even though I knew what happened. When The Fix arrived on NetGalley I HAD to find out how this series ended, and after a few painful long weeks I was finally approved.
Reading The Fix was new to me, although I know this world and characters, I have only ever listened to the books, so reading it was a whole new adventure. For me the characters already had a voice, and i knew it was a world I already loved, so i was very excited to be able to read this myself, rather than listening to narration.
The Fix is the third book in the series, and after the previous two books I really have no idea how this was going to play out. Would mancers be accepted into the world, or would they be squashed by SMASH? The Fix brings back our favourite characters, with more crazy ideas, and lots of F-Bombs to go with it all. We see more mancy, more escapes, and a lot more violence, and I loved every single word of it.
"Come on, Paul." She bounced from foot to foot, anxious to mix it up. "Less planning, more punching."
He finished profiling. "Ready for download."
They touched fingertips. Their 'mancies intertwined; Paul shivered as his bureaucratic dossiers were converted into a game mod. As a videogamemancer, Valentine could gamify just about anything.

Aliyah gets the chance to be normal, and make new friends. The plan is to join a soccer team, playing games and mingling with others the same age as her, disguised with a videotape skin Aliyah makes the effort, but it quickly goes array when her desire to score makes her 'mancy spark to life, and the ripple effect leaves a new dimensional hole in the sky. It isn't long until SMASH are on the scene, and in running and hiding for their lives, Aliyah is soon kidnapped by Unimancers. Paul, Imani, and valentine must use all resources available to them in order to find her, and bring her back home.

The Fix was a book I had high expectations for, obsessively stalking NetGalley for it's publication, and I am beyond happy to say that this book surpassed my expectations. So much happens within the pages that i did not expect at all, the constant twists and turn keeping me not only wondering, but also trying to guess what on earth would happen next. I loved getting to see new forms of 'mancy and the people that went along with it, how it all manifests and the things you are able to do with it.

The Unimancers are a group of people that really made me second guess myself, especially on how I am quick to judge who is 'good' and 'bad' and their reasons. Spending time with them really lets you see the other side of the coin, why they do what they do and their reasoning, which allowed them to do some pretty spectacular things.

The Fix is the end of an era, but it doesn't go down quietly. There is bloodshed, violence, shock revelations, and some pretty amazing sacrifices. I will admit that I sobbed like a baby over certain events, and then how it was all explained gave me a little bit of hope. The ending wasn't what I expected, but for everything that has happened it fits it perfectly.

Final verdict
The Fix is a book that has to be read by fans of the fact everyone needs to read this series. I loved everything about this book and I really did not want it to end. This series is one I have devoured, and I am sad to see it all end, but I will not hesitate to pick up more books by Ferrett Steinmet in the future.

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