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Book Review: Jesper Jinx's Best Friend [Jesper Jinx #6] by Marko Kitti

Title: Jesper Jinx's Best Friend
Author: Marko Kitti
Author Info: Website|Blog|Facebook|Twitter
Genre: Children's
Series: Jesper Jinx #6
Source: Author
Publication Date: 10th October 2016
Rating: 4 stars

Tell Me About It
Jesper Jinx is eleven, and probably the unluckiest person in all of Puffington Hill. Everything he touches seems to end up in sweet disaster. Hence his nickname 'Jinx'.

Every great hero needs a sidekick who’s ready to laugh at their silly antics. And Oliver has been just that for Jesper on countless pranks since the day they were born. But now Jesper’s sister Melinda has set her sights on Oliver and even worse, he doesn’t seem to mind.

Add to this horrible dilemma the fact that there is a heatwave in Puffington Hill. The air is now so hot that birds are falling from the trees and grandpas and grandmas are forced to wear bikinis. It all adds up to sweet disaster for Jesper.

How far is he willing to go to save his friendship with Oliver?
My Thoughts
The Jesper Jinx series is one I enjoy reading for several reasons. They are a quick read which means they can be quickly read between books, which makes them ideal for reluctant readers. They are sure to entertain and amuse me no matter what I am feeling. They have some funny illustrations that link together with whatever story is being told at the time. But one thing I know for sure, is that I am glad that my brother isn't like Jesper, I have no idea how I could cope if he was.

Like my previous reviews, I'm going to break this one down into sections for each story within the pages of the book, and give my quick thoughts on them.

Intro Sequence
The temperature is rising in Puffington Hill, birds are falling from the sky, cats are finding as much shade as possible, and Grandparents are wearing bikinis (I did not need this picture in my mind). This is also when Jesper finds out how Oliver really feels for Melinda, his pesky sister.

Message from the Author
This is a brief intro on how the author met Jesper, what transpired in a recent meeting, and that he really shouldn't be telling us about Jesper adventures, he also asks us to sign secrecy agreement, promising not to tell anyone about the book. We also get to hear from Jesper about the issue with Oliver and himself, we find out how long this duo have been friends for...since the day they were born, and thier years of friendship.

The Brief History of Jesper and Oliver
A baby's first cry is a magical thing, but for Oliver and Jesper their first cry turned into a formulation of words, that immediately forged a bond between these two newborns, a hero and his sidekick.
Skip ahead seven years later to a disagreement over a strawberry cake, the last one on the plate, and both boys are too full to eat until the other decides he has room.
Anatomy of a best friend is a homework assignment where they had to draw thier best friend. We get to see each individuals picture as well as what makes the other thier best friend. I thought this was a nice idea and we got to see what both boys really thought of each other.

The Travelling Diary
Jesper misses Oliver and he can't understand why he chose a girl over their friendship, and reminisces over the pranks they have done together. Jesper spends several lonely days without the company of Oliver, but when he decides to write about it in his top secret diary he discovers it's missing. What transpires is the search for his top secret diary and the story of what happened to it.

This is a round up of the book and also a little hint of what is to come, and I am curious over what adventures/disasters Jesper and Oliver can possibly get up to next.

Final Verdict
Jesper Jinx's Best Friend was a book I quickly read, but enjoyed. As usual this series never fails to make me laugh. I enjoy seeing what this duo get up to with each new installment, whilst also being very happy that it's not happening to me. The next book sounds promising and I can't wait to see what really happens within the pages.

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