Friday, 20 January 2017

Book Review: More Than Distance [Chasing the Dream #5] by Elizabeth Briggs

Title: More Than Distance
Author: Elizabeth Briggs
Author Info: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Instagram
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary
Series: Chasing the Dream #5
Source: Author
Publisher: Elizabeth Briggs Books
Publication Date: 10th January 2017
Rating: 4 stars

Tell Me About It
She’s off-limits, but he’s the only one who can help her…

Carla Jackson has her life all mapped out, so when her plans fall apart she’s more lost than ever. A spot on the reality TV show Road Trip Race seems like the perfect escape, except she needs a partner. The only option is her brother’s best friend: the man she’s secretly loved forever and the last person she wants to be stuck in a car with.

Tech billionaire Ryan Evans has done everything he can to put his bitter past behind him. He’s avoided Carla ever since they shared a forbidden kiss six years ago, but when his best friend asks him to protect her on the show, he can’t refuse—even if the biggest threat to her heart might be himself.

As Carla and Ryan drive across the country while competing on the show, there’s no escaping the undeniable chemistry between them. But when they’re thrown off course, can they find their way home together?
My Thoughts
I've been a fan of this series since the very first book, so going into More Than Distance I was excited but also sad. I couldn't wait to see what the next installment held but also didn't want this book to end, knowing that when I turned the final page it was all over.

Carla, is someone who we have previously met in More Than Fashion, where she is the model for Julie. Now that school is over Carla plans to move to NY for her new job, and to live near Julie and Gavin. However, unforeseen circumstances change her plans and Carla finds herself going on Road Trip Race, with someone who she didn't really want.
Ryan Evans is a blast from the past, and his arrival at the family dinner is a shock for Carla, but when things calm down and plans are changed Carla finds out she needs him more than she imagined she would. Together this duo go on a trip of a lifetime, and learn more about each other along the way.

More Than Distance was I book I enjoyed. I loved the road trip factor of this, even more with the time limit for the show. It really made me wasn't to make a lost of my own of things to see if I ever got to travel across America. This added a fun twist to the plot and is really what forced this pair to work together. The history between Carla and Ryan is explained in snippets throughout the story, and from both points of view, which lets us see all sides to the story, and also that they are both stubborn to a fault.

Both Carla and Ryan have thier own stories to deal with, for Carla it's escaping from her life, from being treated like glass, and to get over a shock from her parents. For Ryan it's to pass the time, to make a decision about his business and his father. I liked how the story played out, and that Carla and Ryan finally got thier friendship back on track. Especially as Ryan is considered part of the family and has been for years.

Final Verdict
One thing I love about interconnection books in a series is catching up with the previous characters and seeing thier stories weave within one another. There were a few twists within the pages of More Than Distance that I didn't expect but do like how it all ended. This is a must read for anyone who has read these books.

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