Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Loot Crate Dream Crate

When you are contacted by a very well know subscription box, and are asked to create your dream crate you jump at the chance. I immediately had an idea of what my dream crate would be, and being a reader and blogger you know it's related to bookish things, I just had to think of what I wanted inside it.

Advice I was given was...
You can go as over the top as you’d like and there isn’t a need to put anything physical together. Some things to consider for the thought process could be your theme (ex. Space, Heroes, Villains, Dystopian), the items to include (ex. T-shirt, artwork, Statue, grappling hook, broadsword), and the franchises to incorporate (ex. X-Men, Harry Potter, Disney, Marvel)
So after some thought I decided to go with a Bookworm Dream Crate. The perfect crate for bookworms everywhere. For my crate I used some of my own bookish items for photographic purposes, but I will also link to websites for other items I don't own.

I already have a lot of badges, but you can never have too much, especially when they declare you a 'book lover', 'book geek', or which character/fandom you love. Even badges related to books themselves, so you can proudly share your love for your favourite book/series

Book Plates
You know how excited to get when you get to meet you favourite authors, to queue for hours to have them sign your book. Now imagine the disappointment when said author isn't coming to your city, or even in your county, never mind your country. Book plates help make that book feel even more special without you having seen the author IRL.

Bookmarks not only help keep your place in a book, or several books you have on the go at the same time. But they are also pretty awesome too, especially when you get your favourite characters made into bookmarks like my Throne of Glass magnetic bookmarks from Happy Hello Art. Bookmarks for your favourite books also share you love for the book when you've stopped reading it.

You can never have too much swag, my collection of three boxes worth says this. From mirrors, to glasses, postcards, temporary tattoo, dog tags, the list is endless, and I love every single item that relates to my love of a book or series.

Funko Pops
I love Funko Pops, shown is my Disney Pop! Beauty and the Beast Nerd Belle. But any character related to books/book worms can be used. Hermione from Harry Potter is a know lover of books, Newt Scamander and Picket from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, even the old favourite Dr. Seuss books, Horton, Sam I Am, or The Cat in a Hat.

Other items that would fit in well are...

I had a lot of fun putting this post together, and even though I didn't branch out much franchise wise, I hope I got the perfect mix of items to add to a dream crate. Let me know how I did, or if you would add something different, leave a comment below

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