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Book Review: Girls Can't Hit [Boys Don't Knit #3] by T.S. Easton

Title: Girls Can't Hit
Author: T.S. Easton
Author Info: Website|Facebook|Twitter|
Genre: Young Adult
Series: Boys Don't Knit #3
Source: NetGalley
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Publication Date: 20th April 2017
Rating: 4 stars

Tell Me About It
A funny, feminist teen story about knowing when to train . . . and when to fight.

Fleur Waters never takes anything seriously - until she turns up at her local boxing club one day, just to prove a point. She's the only girl there, and the warm-up alone is exhausting . . . but the workout gives her an escape from home and school, and when she lands her first uppercut on a punching bag she feels a rare glow of satisfaction.

So she goes back the next week, determined to improve. Fleur's overprotective mum can't abide the idea of her entering a boxing ring, why won't she join her pilates class instead? Her friends don't get it either and even her boyfriend, 'Prince' George, seems concerned by her growing muscles and appetite - but it's Fleur's body, Fleur's life, so she digs her heels in and carries on with her training.
My Thoughts
I have a couple of books by this author waiting to be read, but when I saw Girls Can't Hit on NetGalley and had to give it a try. When I began reading I didn't realise it was part of a series, and thought it was a stand alone, thankfully nothing was mentioned about the previous books so this one can be read as a stand alone, and definitely a step in the right direction towards the previous books,
The minute I began reading Girls Can't Hit I was hooked, I fell in love with the writing and the characters, and I really needed to know how Fleur would get on in this new world of boxing.

Fleur, Blossom, and Pip are best of friends, and they all have thier own unique personalities and beliefs. It's thanks to Blossoms belief that this trio find themselves at the boxing club, making a stand for women's rights and thier right to be included in the mens boxing club. Fleur soon finds herself signing up to join, and what started out as a way to prove a point soon turn into a hobby. But can Fleur balance her new life with her old one, or will everything fall apart.

I loved Fleur immediately, for her determination, for her belief in herself, and as the book progresses, for her positive attitude about her body and herself. Fleur goes through a lot of changes and difficult times throughout this book. She is faced with losing time with her friends, a unsupportive boyfriend who doesn't like this new Fleur, parents who don't want her to box, and initial unwariness for joining the boy boxing team. She also faces bullies every day of school who are determined to make her life hell, especially during P.E. But she faces each battle head on, and although there are tears, and sweat, she gives it her all. I loved seeing how far she has gone within the pages, and by the end of the book is a very different person

Girls Can' Hit is a very positive book, that shows that girls can do anything they want. It's very reaffirming to see the journey that Fleur takes and how much she has changed and grown as a person, with a lot of battle already won by the last page. It has a great mix of positivity, a tear jerking moment, and humour...
I'd never seen evidence that I had ANY muscles in my arms. Turns out there are dozens of the little fellas and they were all hating on me big-time for waking them up.

Final Verdict
After finishing Girl Can't Hit I know I need to read the previous books. I loved every single page of this book and really think his should be read by everyone. I would love to see a follow on from this book to see how Fleur gets on after the final page.

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