Saturday, 1 July 2017

Parkrun Saturday: Crosby parkrun


After two weeks break I took part in another parkrun, this time my home one of Crosby. This was my tenth parkrun, and my ninth in Crosby.

I usually get nervous before each run, and I go in with the intention of trying my best and attempting to get a PB. Today was a different matter. I'm taking part in the Race For Life tomorrow, and it's the first time I'm running it. So I obviously didn't want to push myself too hard today, and started this with giving myself permission to walk as much as I wanted to.

My first walk was to get of the sand ramp and onto the path. After that I ran all the way until we got onto the grass. I suffer with my knees (it's the way I run) and as soon as I got on the grass I got a pain in my knee. So my plan then was walk from one arrow to another, then run if I could. I managed a few walk/runs and once I reached the final arrow I ran the rest of the way alternating between slow jogs and bigger strides.

I wasn't expecting a good time, and I fully expected a 50 min time. But I managed it in 39:18, which is only 47 seconds slower than my PB.

I track my runs with two different apps, and below is the video version of my run

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