Saturday, 8 July 2017

Parkrun Saturday: Crosby


Today's plan was to participate again in my home parkrun, but they were struggling to find enough volunteers in order for the event to go ahead, so I made the last minute decision to volunteer again, this time a tail walker.

My role involves a very bright orange high visibility vest, and staying at the back of the parkrun to ensure every person has made it though from start to finish. This was a nice relaxing change of pace for me, and I ended up having a lovely conversation with someone who was participating in their very first parkrun. We had a brisk walk from start to finish, and managed a time of 53 minutes.

I really enjoyed my role today, and came out of my usual quiet self to talk to a fellow parkrunner. I definitely need to volunteer more often...but that will have to wait a few weeks so I can get back into running next week, as well as run with my niece the week after on her very first parkrun.

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