Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Book Review: Crazy Crab by Mark C. Evans

Title: Crazy Crab
Author: Mark C. Evans
Author Info: Website|Facebook
Genre: Picture Book, Children's
Source: Author
Publisher: MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing
Publication Date: 22nd August 2017
Rating: 4 stars

Tell Me About It
Steve is no ordinary Hermit Crab. He has a big dream... to be an astronaut and fly in space! His friends and family think he is crazy. They don't send crabs into space. Will Steve have "the right stuff" to be sent on a daring mission to Mars? Can he work hard to beat mischievous mice and mad monkeys to ride a rocket to the red planet? Only time and training will tell in this hilarious story of a crazy crab who wants to reach for the stars.
My Thoughts
Before we get to the review, lets take a moment to appreciate the photographs that accompanied the review request for Crazy Crab.....
How is it at all possible to say no after this picture.

Crazy Crab was a surprise request, and it hadn't even been picked up on my radar, so before I actually got to the above photograph I wasn't sure if I was going to read Crazy Crab or not. But one look at the photograph convinced me I HAD to read this book.

Crazy Crab is a very short book, with pictures and easy to read words. The pictures within the pages were nothing short of amazing, bright and bold, and easy to connect to the words.

I really liked how we get to see the personality for Steve, and how good he is at his job.
He was number one in sales of sea shells by the sea shore. If your little nippers had left home and you were looking to downsize. Steve was your crab.

Steve has a dream and he is determined not to let anything get in his way. His determination to prove others wrong and work hard for this once in a lifetime opportunity is clearly shared in the pages and although he may be a crab, I really did admire him for this, as well as the 'lesson' that is shared from this book.

Final Verdict
I loved Crazy Crab and I can't wait to share this book with my niece and work babies.

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