Thursday, 16 November 2017

Recent Reads

Recent Reads is a way for me to round up books that I have read recently that are either too small to really give a detailed review of them, or are books read for fun with no review notes taken.
To find out more about each book, click on the book title to be taken to Goodreads

Songs About Us by Chris Russell ★★★★★
Charlie is home and life is back to normal, whilst Fire & Lights are touring. The issues with Gabriel are still unresolved, as well as the unanswered questions especially about their past.
However things aren't perfect for the band, and the members are facing their own demons with a lot of altercations.
I really enjoyed getting to see Charlie in school, and how being with Fire & Lights affected her. I loved getting to go back stage again, getting up close and personal with both the good and bad parts of band life. I liked that we get some more clues to what connection Charlie and Gabe have, but also felt sorry for Olly and how he gets a completely different side to the secrecy. The characters have definitly grown in this book, but there are also repeated mistakes.
A brilliant second instalment to this series, and I can't wait for the next book.

Click'd by Tamara Ireland Stone ★★★★
Imagine having an app that matches you with friends who would be perfect for you, just by answering a few questions. Well the protagonist of Click'd, Allie, has done just that at Code Girls camp. After an initial trial run it works like a charm, but a hiccup in the coding soon means that things are getting shared that are supposed to remain a secret.
I really enjoyed reading Click'd, more than I expected to. I love the coding camp, and how it leads to the Games for Good competition. The friendships within the pages felt real, especially with how fickle they could be, but I also loved how Allie wasn't going down without a fight, even if it meant asking Nathan for help.
I'm looking forward to another book in this series, and I'm already trying to work out who's story it's going to be.

Unwritten by Jen Frederick ★★★★
This was a book that I hadn't realised was published, so I was late to pick this one up. Add to that the fact that it had been a while since I last read a book from this series, I was hesitant to jump into this one. But a week off work and a need to read for fun had me digging this one out of my tbr collection and diving in.
I instantly loved Landry, but did have some reservations about Adam, but as the story progressed I did begin to like him. I loved that it was a new story, so not remembering much from the previous books didn't hinder my enjoyment of this one. I also liked getting to catch up with some of the previous characters and see what they are up to.
I liked the journey the band makes, and how the characters evolve over the story. Up to now this is the last book in this series, but I wouldn't hesitate to pick up the next one if anymore were to be written

Chasing Impossible by Katie McGarry ★★★★
This was originally a pre-order incentive, before being made public, so you can see how long I've had this waiting to be read. I LOVED getting to re-visit this world again, I forgot how snarky and stubborn the characters can be.
Abby has been a regular character throughout this series, and has connections to all of the previous characters, so it's only fair that she gets to tell her story, it's not pretty, or happy, but it's real. Logan was someone who was the perfect person for Abby, he's happy to play along with her games, but isn't afraid to tell her facts and face the truth. Their friendship definitly isn't easy, but the sacrifices that they both make are worth it.

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