Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Series Review: Jessica Daniel by Kerry Wilkinson

I've been a fan of Kerry Wilkinson since I first read and fell in love with his Silver Blackthorn series, and like most readers once you fall in love with a series, you explore and see what else that author has written.

I read Locked In back in 2016, a loan from the library, and it took a whole year before I managed to pick up the next book in this series, Vigilante which I snagged from the USA publisher on NetGalley, a few months later I got the audiobook version of The Woman in Black and made short work of that.

Months past, and December came, along with a copy of the newest book in the series, Eye for an Eye, which was due to be published in January (review to come in a few days), so with incentive, free time, and eleven days off work, I dove back into this series and devoured the books, getting myself up to date and ready to read Eye for an Eye in January.

Most series tend to be repetitive if they are based around the same character the whole time (I've given up on a few series for this reason) but with the Jessica Daniel series it's a different story in each book. I really love how nothing is the same, each new instalment brings a whole new case to solve and a new mix of characters. We do see the familiar officers throughout the pages, which just enhances the camaraderie and the 'in jokes' (this is possibly the only reason why Jessica gets away with so much). I love the twists and turns, and how sometimes the problems aren't all from the outside.

I love the character development of Jessica as the series progresses, how we see her move up the ranks, but also face 'real' things. How she balances her work and personal life is definitely realistic, especially the working on days off part. She has ups and downs throughout the series, and the author Kerry really knows how to keep you in suspense.

Jessica Daniel series is one that keeps you guessing, keeps you wanting more, has you reaching for tissues and comfort food, and wanting to throw the book across the room with yet another cliffhanger. My review for Eye for an Eye will be up soon......but I already need to have the next book in my hands now.

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