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Blog Tour: Guest Post - Write to the End by Andy Briggs

I had an amazing surprise email a few weeks ago over the publication of the fourth and final book in the Inventory series, Winter Storm. Not only did I get the chance to read this book, I also have the author, Andy Briggs, on the blog to talk about 'The End'
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by Andy Briggs

My new book, THE INVENTORY: WINTER STORM is the last in the Inventory series; the end of Dev, Lot and Mason’s adventures.

Looking at all my fellow author’s Facebook feeds, it seems typing the words THE END is the moment most writers look forward to. The accumulation of countless sleepless nights, coffee fed on intravenous drips and anxious stomping around the house wondering how your story will ever finish… or even IF it will. From everything I have seen, writing The End is a moment of freedom that means you can go on holiday, fix the shower, catch up with that boxset, talk to another human being, or escape back to the real world.

Personally, I find The End are the most anxiety-inducing words in the world. I have lost count of how many times I have hovered over my email’s send button because once you type The End that means people will actually read it. What a scary thought! Editors will pore over every word and plot point and thus begins a battle of wits as the writer tries to justify – but most often fix – the issues that come up. The End is really the beginning of a whole new chapter of torture.

Writers are always asked advice about how to start a book or on creating characters, but the one thing I don’t think I have ever been asked is how do you finish? Which is odd, because I meet lots of people who have started writing books, but very few who have finished them. They may run out of steam, but those writers generally shrug and say never mind, as if finishing doesn’t actually matter. But it does! Let’s face it, we can’t all be George R. R. Martin.

Coming to the end of series is also quite sad because it’s the last time I’ll have adventures with characters I have spent the last few years with. It’s the last time I’ll hear their voices rattling around my skull (and yes, I can hear them, complete with accents as different as yours and mine) and the last time I can evilly shove them into jeopardy and wonder how the heck they’re going to escape.

Coming to the end also sparks another tremor of fear through writers. Now we have to come up with something fresh and new. And guess what, that’s just as scary as reaching The End…

Andy Briggs is the bestselling author of the gripping, tech adventure series The Inventory. Published by Scholastic, the fourth and final book in the series is Winter Storm – out February 1st, it’s time to reveal all of The Inventory’s secrets.

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Title: Winter Storm
Author: Andy Briggs
Publisher: Scholastic
Publication Date: 1st February 2018

In the fourth and final book of this gripping series, all the Inventory's secrets are revealed.
Having learned a troubling truth about himself in the Black Zone of the Inventory, Dev is called back into action to defend the world's greatest store of futuristic tech - and he'll need all the
help he can get from his friends.
The Collector is back and as menacing as ever, and now he's stolen Winter Storm, a swarm of powerful biobots, which he is using to infect and control people!

Who can be trusted now?

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