Monday, 12 February 2018

Book Review: The First to Know by Abigail Johnson

Title: The First to Know
Author: Abigail Johnson
Author Info: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Instagram
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary
Source: NetGalley
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Publication Date: 7th November 2017
Rating: 2

Tell Me About It
Dana Fields's father never knew his parents. When Dana secretly does a DNA test for her dad, hoping to find him some distant relatives for his birthday, her entire world implodes. Instead of a few third cousins, Dana discovers a half brother her age whose very existence means her parents' happy marriage is a lie.

Dana's desire to know her half brother, Brandon, and the extent of her dad's deception, clashes with her wish not to destroy her family. When she sees the opportunity to get to know Brandon through his cousin, the intense yet kind Chase, she takes it. But the more she finds out about Brandon, her father's past and the irresistible guy who'll never forgive her if he discovers the truth, the more she sees the inevitable fallout from her own lies. With her family crumbling around her, Dana must own up to her actions and find a way to heal the breach—for everyone—before they're torn apart for good.
My Thoughts
The First to Know is the second book I have read by the author, Abigail Johnson. I really enjoyed her other book If I Fix You, and couldn't wait to dive into The First to Know. I liked the idea behind the story, and could see the reasoning behind the actions of Dana, but it just didn't really work for me.

♦ Dana came across as a genuine person, but as the story progressed for me it became selfish reasons for continuing with it all. The focus of the whole thing became more about Dana trying to reconcile it all in her head, rather then trying to help her Dad.
♦ The lies, the secrecy, and therefore the sneaking around just became stalkerish rather than a simple investigation to learn more. She definitely crossed the line.
♦ I think she want about things completely wrong, and that was the main downfall for her. She took it a step too far, especially after being told to leave it all.
However, the end results are really what brought this book back for me
♦ I did like the family dynamics and how they are very family orientated.
♦ I liked how they processed it all and tried to come up with a solution.
♦ I liked the relationship she has with her sister and how she is understanding of their Dads enthusiasm towards sports.

Overall The First to Know was an OK read, but it didn't really stand out for me and wasn't that memorable.

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