Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Book Review: Fragments of the Lost by Megan Miranda

Title: Fragments of the Lost
Author: Megan Miranda
Author Info: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Instagram
Genre: Mystery, Young Adult
Source: Publisher
Publisher: Crown Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: 16th January 2018
Rating: 4 stars

Tell Me About It
Jessa Whitworth knew she didn't belong in her ex-boyfriend Caleb's room. But she couldn't deny that she was everywhere--in his photos, his neatly folded T-shirts, even the butterfly necklace in his jeans pocket . . . the one she gave him for safe keeping on that day.

His mother asked her to pack up his things--even though she blames Jessa for his accident. How could she say no? And maybe, just maybe, it will help her work through the guilt she feels about their final moments together.

But as Jessa begins to box up the pieces of Caleb's life, they trigger memories that make Jessa realize their past relationship may not be exactly as she remembered. And she starts to question whether she really knew Caleb at all.

Each fragment of his life reveals a new clue that propels Jessa to search for the truth about Caleb's accident. What really happened on the storm-swept bridge?
My Thoughts
I've read several of Megan's books, and have had a love/dislike relationship with them. Some I've fallen in love with straight away and some just didn't work for me. After reading the synopsis for Fragments of the Lost I knew I had to know more about this one.

Fragments of the Lost is told in alternating times, a 'during' and 'after' and I think this really worked for this book.
♦ I really liked seeing things revealed as the protagonist, Jessa, discovers them.
♦ I love the connections that were made to the past, how an item relates to the relationship between Jessa and Caleb, or how it indirectly comes into play within their relationship.
♦ I really liked not knowing what was going to be revealed next, and I literally hung on for every minute clue we were given.
♦ I liked how the characters felt real, and that it wasn't all sunshine and roses for them.
♦ The dynamic family situation for Caleb made him come across as the 'left out' character, and I really did feel sorry for him in regards to his family situation.
♦ I LOVED the twists and turns throughout the pages, especially some revelations towards the end of the book.
♦ The end took me by surprise, more so in that I never really saw it coming but I liked how this woven back into the plot.
♦ The pacing of the book felt natural, it wasn't rushed along or skipped in order to get to the end and that helped in the discovery of new clues as well as the story process itself.

I really enjoyed reading Fragments of the Lost and I can't wait to share this book with friends.

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