Monday, 14 May 2018

Book Review: Shadow Hunt [Disrupted Magic #3] by Melissa F. Olsen

Title: Shadow Hunt
Author: Melissa F. Olsen
Author Info: Website|Facebook|Twitter
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Disrupted Magic #3
Source: NetGalley
Publisher: 47 North
Publication Date: 13th February 2018
Rating: 4 stars

Tell Me About It
For years now, Scarlett Bernard has counted on two things: her ability to nullify magic, and Shadow, the bargest who guards Scarlett with her life. But after a sudden revelation turns Scarlett’s world upside down, she panics and leaves town without warning, leaving Shadow with her partner, Jesse. In the chaos that follows, the bargest is stolen—and Jesse nearly dies from a brutal psychic assault.

It seems that an old enemy has returned for revenge…and the attack on Shadow was only the beginning. As Scarlett races home to find the bargest and rescue her friends, she is dragged deeper into a terrifying legend that has somehow found its way to present-day Los Angeles.

Now she will have to recruit every possible ally for a battle that will test her null ability to the limit. Scarlett has been in over her head before, but now she risks losing everything—and she’s never had more to lose.
My Thoughts
When I saw a new book by Melissa F. Olsen was out I knew I had to catch up on the series. I enjoyed reading the start of this series a few years ago but couldn't really remember what had happened, so i reread them, then jumped straight into the spin off series Boundary Magic. Having the whole series fresh in my head really helped me in following the story for Shadow Hunt, especially with the mentions of characters from Boundary Magic.

Shadow Hunt begins with possibly the biggest surprise, it as definitly one I didn't see coming, which results in a drive for Scarlett to Colorado to see Lex, and ask a lot of questions. But whilst she is there Shadow is taken, and Scarlett will stop at nothing to find her.

I have found myself getting more invested in this series as it goes on, I love Scarlett as a character, she isn't afraid to dive into things without knowing the outcome (although she is a little more reserved in Shadow Hunt) and she isn't afraid to seek out the answers to her questions. I like that Scarlett still has her friends around her who will support and help her as much as possible, even going as far as to look after Shadow and fight to protect her.

There were moments in Shadow Hunt that I feared for the worst, for Shadow, for Jesse, and even for Scarlett. There were twists and turns I didn't see coming within the pages of this book, and I liked the different routes that were taken to answer these problems as they arose. The end of Shadow Hunt definitly leaves you wanting more, and I am really interested in seeing where this series can go from here.

Final Verdict
Shadow Hunt has to be my most surprising book out of the series so far. Things that arise I really did not see coming and I am super interested in finding out where this leaves Scarlett now.

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