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Blog Tour: Drone Racer by Andy Briggs [Q & A and giveaway]

Title: Drone Racer
Author: Andy Briggs
Author Info: Website|Twitter|Instagram|Facebook
Publisher: Scholastic
Publication Date: 6th September 2018

Tell Me About It
An action-packed novel that brings drone racing to life!

Carson and his friends love racing drones, and they can't believe their luck when they stumble across a discarded one at a junkyard. But this new find is full of surprises.

When they power the drone up, it starts talking! And it's fast. Really fast. They could win big prizes in the racing leagues. Trouble is, someone wants their incredible drone back, and they'll stop at nothing to get it.

How can three kids protect their new friend?

I'm am a huge fan of the Inventory series by Andy Briggs, so when the chance came up to host him for his new book, Drone Racer, I jumped at the chance. I am excited to share with you today some questions and answers. as well as a giveaway for 3 people to win a copy of Drone Racer for yourselves.

You’ve written scripts for Hollywood films – would you like to see a Drone Racer film?
Ha, ha, ha, ha….!! Of course! The truth is that DRONE RACER is really a secret love letter to the 80s films that continue to inspire me. Those great movies that started in suburbia and took characters on completely unexpected rides: ET, Goonies, Explorers, Batteries Not Included, My Science Project, Weird Science, Close Encounters, Flight of the Navigator… growing up, they were stories I wish happened to me.
Writing this as a book was escapism for me. It would be wonderful to see it on the big screen…

Who would play Carson?
Because he’s twelve, it would have to be somebody new. In the same way they cast an unknown Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter. But one of my dream casting rolls would be Rachel McAdams in the role of the villain…

How is writing a book different from writing a film?
There are far fewer words in a screenplay! Maybe around 23,000 versus 35,000+ in a middle grade novel, 50,000 or more in YA and 80,000 plus in an adult novel.
But words are the easy part, structure is the more difficult aspect. A majority of people complain that the book is better than the film, but that is such an unfair comparison. With books you have numerous pages to work through a scene – in a film that may be condensed into a quarter of a page. Without dull voice-overs, you can’t get into a character’s inner-monologue in a film, while in a books thoughts and feelings can be played out across dozens of pages. In a movie, you have a budget that determines what you can and cannot show. In a book, words cost nothing. And no matter how great an actor or special effect – they’re no match to what you can imagine.
However, those are exactly the reasons I enjoy writing both. Screenwriter is a more surgical form of storytelling, whereas with books you can enjoy the ballet of words. I get depressed when I read other authors saying how awful films are… and then they go and write the exact plot of an old movie which they happen not to have seen and are lauded as originals. There is a snobbery between the two disciplines that I find baffling. Of course, that works the other way around too!

Is this the last we will hear of Carson and his friends, or do you have another Drone Racer book up your sleeve?
I was super-excited to be able to write DRONE RACER as a stand-alone novel. Everything I have written so far have been series, with inevitable cliffhangers and plots spread across books. Writing a self-contained story was a joy and I want to do more!
That said, I still think Vanta and Carson have a few more air miles left in them…

If after reading Drone Racer, kids who want to get into drones, where should they go?
There are local drone racing clubs across the country that have their own safe courses, competitions, and it’s always nice to mix with likeminded people.

There is the British FPV Racing Association:

The International Drone Racing League:

One of the most useful resources is this website with its map of all your local clubs and leagues!

Get out there! Get racing… oh, and reading too…


Giveaway Time

To be in with a chance to win a copy of drone Racer, just pop your name and email into the form below or follow this link. A random number generator will be used to select the winner. This giveaway is for UK residents only, and please ensure you follow my giveaway policy which can be found here.
The giveaway will run for two weeks, and will end at midnight on 16th September.

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