Monday, 12 November 2018

Mini Book Review: Lou Out of Luck [Girl Out of Water #2] by Nat Luurtsema

Title: Lou Out of Luck
Author: Nat Luurtsema
Author Info: Website|Twitter|Instagram
Genre: Young Adult
Series: Girl Out of Water
Source: Publisher
Publisher: Walker Books
Publication Date: 7th June 2018
Rating: 5 stars

Tell Me About It
Poverty sucks. Dad's timing the family's showers and refusing to turn on the heating. Mum has arranged for Lou to get lifts to school with Drippy Dermot and his eccentric mother in the Van of Doom. And lentils seem to feature in EVERY SINGLE MEAL. Lou is still coming down from her brief moment of TV super-stardom and getting to grips with the fact that - hold the news - SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND, but with both parents out of work, life isn't all plain sailing. Throw in Hannah's obsession with the school prom, Dads strange shed activity and Lav s brief flirtation with a modelling career, and suddenly training a dance troupe to swim underwater seems like a walk in the park
My Thoughts
I first picked up Girl Out of Water several years ago and fell in love straight away so when I found out there was going to be another book I knew I had to read it, and years later I finally got to hold it in my hands.

Lou's parents are getting back together, but things will still be a struggle money wise, with both parents looking for jobs, however the lack of money means that at some point in the future the family may have to move in with their Nan. Lou and her family are doing everything they can to save pennies, cutting down on hot water time, heating, and even food selections.
Lou's friendship with Hannah has its struggles, especially with her going to the dark side, but with Dermot Lou finds herself with new friends, whilst her sister Lav is struggling with her new fame.

Lou Out of Luck was a; book I enjoyed just as much as it predecessor, I love Lou's attitude to life and events that happen to her, either overreacting, overthinking, or just going with the flow. Reading Lou Out of Luck made me realise how much I have missed this world, the little quirks, and also the humour.

Lou Out of Luck was the perfect book to bring back a bit of humour to my life, and de-stress me from work.

Memorable Quotes

That’s actually what she said. She wrote that, looked at it and thought, Yep, happy with that. Good Best Friend work. Na-night!! Probably slept like a baby. Or a log. A baby log. A twig.

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