About Me

Hello and welcome to Much Loved Books, my own little space in the internet.

My name is Michelle and I live in the UK.  I have been known to spend way too much money on books and way too much time on the internet.  I currently work full time and fit in my reading during lunch breaks and time at home.  Although this blog mainly has reviews for Young Adult I also enjoy reading a large variety of other genres like fantasy, Sci-Fi, Chick Lit, Paranormal; and Horror.

I started this blog as a way to get down my thoughts about books I have read and hopefully share the love for them. In the process I have met some great people, both online and offline, and have found some amazing blogs to stalk.

I have two authors that are close to my heart, David Eddings and J.R.R. Tolkien, these two authors were the first series that I read when I was younger, and from that point onwards I have devoured books left right and centre.

As well as reviews I like to feature guest posts, giveaways and interviews.  For more information on how to contact me check out my review policy.
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