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Review: Carrying Mason by Joyce Magnin

Title: Carrying Mason
Author: Joyce Magnin
Author Info: Blog|Facebook|Twitter
Genre: Christian Fiction
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Zonderkidz
Publication Date: 3rd August 2011
Rating: 3 stars

Tell Me About It
What does it mean to lay down your life?  Luna has learned an awful lot in her thirteen years---how to skin a rabbit, how to gut a fish, where to pick the perfect wildflowers---but it's not enough. When her best friend, Mason, dies, she decides to honor his memory by moving in with his mentally disabled mother, Ruby Day. While cooking and cleaning for Ruby Day isn't always easy, everything seems to be going relatively fine---until trouble arrives in the form of Ruby Day's aunt, who will stop at nothing to make sure her niece is put away in a mental institution.

"Mason listened to me and never made me feel like it didn’t matter”
This was my favourite quote in the book, to me its what true friendship should be like.
Carrying Mason is about Luna, and how she deals with her friends death, and feels the need to be there for Ruby Day, and look after her in place of Mason.

The book explores the relationships Luna has with her family, and her older sister Delores and how the town treats Ruby Day.

We start the book with Luna talking to her Father about being a pallbearer for Mason. The books moves at a steady pace and we follow it through the funeral and the consequences afterwards. The choice Luna makes to look after Ruby Day, how they go about a daily routine with ease. Untile Aunt Saphire come to visit and plans to take Ruby Day away. With some quick thinking and a town working together they manage to work things out.

Carrying Mason is a quick read but manages to squeeze in different emotions, happiness, sadness, compassion. I would really consider picking this book up when it is released.

Carrying Mason-Hardcover
Carrying Mason-Kindle

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