Friday, 17 June 2011

Review: Men of The Otherworld [Otherworld Stories #1] by Kelley Armstrong

Title: Men of The Otherworld
Author: Kelley Armstrong
Author Info: Website|Tumblr|Facebook|Twitter
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Otherworld Stories #1
Source: Purchased by myself
Publisher: Orbit
Publication Date: 5th February 2009
Rating: 4 stars

Tell Me About It
A curious child, Clayton didn’t resist the bite, he asked for it. But surviving alone is impossible, until Jeremy teaches human-wolf balance, gives him a home, and welcomes him to the Pack - hierarchical founding family where bloodlines are all, and members face deadly challenges. Clayton narrates 3 tales, "Infusion," "Savage," "Ascension", and Jeremy tells "Kitsunegari."
My Thoughts
I love the Otherworld Series, but was a bit hesitant about buying this book and it doesn't disappoint.

We start off with a look into the early stages of the American Pack and its members.  Their goading and teasing forces Malcolm to sleep with a server, who ends up pregnant with his Son.  Malcolm keeps a watchful eye on her throughout her pregnancy, not to make sure she is safe, but to ensure she is carrying a girl, and not a son, who he would have to claim for the pack if he is part werewolf.
After having her child, Malcolm pays them a visit, not happy with the situation and wanting to make things right in his own eyes.  His son, who we find out is Jeremy, is saved from Malcolm by Edward, his Grandfather, and thus starts the long span of hatred from Malcolm towards Jeremy.

We find out how Clayton "Clay" became a werewolf and how he is tamed and welcomed into the American Pack, all thanks to Jeremy.  We see their bonds and how they both protect and look out for each other and follow this relationship to how it forms the pack as we know it in Bitten.

I love Kelley Armstrong's writing and how she gets into the whole persona of a werewolf, how they move and change, how they work to hunt.  She explains bits of Pack Law, setting up the stepping stones we see in sequential books in this series.
This book was a great read and I plan to pass the book love along to my friends who I also got to read this series.

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