Tuesday, 25 October 2011

HarperCollins UK event

For those of you who follow me, then you will know I was invited to a HarperCollins UK event on Saturday 22nd in London. 
Invite accepted, tickets booked, brother for company and a nearly 6 hours coach journey we arrived in London...with plenty of time to eat and look around.
With the help of my brother (who once lived in London) we found somewhere to eat then the venue of the event.  The authors who attended the event were Robin Jarvis, Maureen Johnson and Will Hill

Robin Jarvis
Robin talked a little about his books and gave a brief overview of book one,  Dancing Jax, and then gave a quick spoiler-free overview of book two.  I have not heard of this series before, only when I received my invite, but it sounds like it could be a really great read so I plan to make a start on it very soon.

 Maureen Johnson
Maureen arrived just after everyone else as she had been signing books in another part of London, and it was very busy with lots of signing going on.  She  was really funny and apologised if there were any discrepancies with her London in the book to our actual London and said in USA she could easily pass it off with a shrug.  She also told us what gave her the idea for writing The Name of The Star and revealed the name of the next book in the series. The Madness Underneath and I cant wait for it to be released next year.
Maureen was also kind enough to pose for a photo with me.

Will Hill
Will was really funny.  I was sitting a few seats away from him and he spoke to us all and engaged in conversations with us.  The best part was when he was telling us about living in LA and name dropping  the authors he knew.   He gave a very brief overview of Department 19 and gave us an update on book two, The Rising, which I really can't wait to read.  He also signed my copy of Department 19 for me.

We got to eat some lovely food, sandwiches, cakes and scones and when it was over we all got to pick some books to take home and got a goodie bag which also had some books. 
On our table places we all had a USB pen drive, which has information about the books from the authors, and also some upcoming releases, and a sneak peak at a chapter from Will Hill's next book, The Rising: Department 19 #2.

[I did have Slide by Jill Hathaway with a bookmark, and also another Name of The Star postcard, but my brother kindly removed them from my possession for himself]

[My cat even has a use for the empty goodie bag]

Sarah from Feeling Fictional has got some pics of the event so I am going to post the link to her photos here.
Photos from HarperCollins UK Event

Overall I had a great time for my first ever event and can't wait for the next one. 

I also got to meet some other bloggers, some of who I follow already, or ones I have heard of and got to put the face to the blog.

Kirsty-Overflowing Library
Sarah-Feeling Fictional
Jesse-Books 4 Teens
Casey-Dark Readers
Andrew-The Pewter Wolf
Vivienne-Serendipity Reviews
Liz & Mark-My Favourite Books
Stacey-The Pretty Books
Alice-The Reader Room
and a few more but I really cant remember the names of the people or the blogs :(
If any of the above people read this if you can add names that would be great.

I also discovered the squirrels are VERY TAME, on the way back to the coach station my brother and I called them over to us, and this brave one even climbed up my leg to get the nut off me.


  1. Fab write up Michelle, it was such a fun event wasn't it! It was lovely to meet you & hopefully I'll see you again soon at another one :o)

  2. Oh hello! Did I speak with you at the event? It was great, huh? You've just reminded me about the USB so I'm going to check it out right now!

  3. @ sarah- it was a great event and I hope to meet you on future events too

    @theprettybooks-just a bit, i was sitting between ALice and Jesse, I spoke to you at the end about the cover of Department 19.

  4. Fab write up Michelle and it was lovely to see you :D - it really was a great event.

    I'm still shuddering at that 6 hour coach trip though! lol


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