Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Review: The Shadowing:Hunted by Adam Slater

Title: The Shadowing:Hunted
Author: Adam Slater
Genre: Horror
Publication Date:USA:Sept 13th 2011|UK:18th April 2011

Once every century, the barrier between the human world and the demon realm begins to break down. Creatures gather, anxiously waiting to cross the divide, to bring death and destruction from their world to ours. This time is called The Shadowing.
Callum Scott has always known that there is a supernatural world out there—he’s seen ghosts for as long as he can remember. Lately, he’s had visions of children being brutally murdered by a terrifying creature. Then the visions start coming true, and Callum realizes that he’s being hunted, too.
Driven by a dark destiny, he must stand against the demons that threaten our world.
And The Shadowing is almost here. . .


I have had this book for a while from netgalley.  My first thought was if I saw the above book cover in the shop I would not buy it, however if I saw the following cover I would pick it up straight away and not even see what it was about.

The Shadowing:Hunted is the ideal book for me. It has ghosts, grim, fetch's, witches and chime children along with details of how people have died in gruesome ways. Although The Shadowing:Hunted is a horror book I didn't find it scary at all.

I don't know why I never got around to not reading this book sooner, but when I finally got to it, I read it in a few hours. The Shadowing:Hunted is only a short read compared to most of my other books, but it crams so much into the pages that it actually feels like its a longer read.

I have not read a book like this before, and have never heard of a Fetch or a Chime Child, so while I guessed what roles the other characters were, I never guessed those. The main character is Callum, who lives with his Grandmother in a small cottage away from others. Callum has teh ability to see ghosts, but has never told anyone about it untill he meets Melissa. Melissa is a new friend in school, who's life is saved by Callum, and they quickly become firm friends and together they find out what is happening to Callum and find more information about Jacob and Doom.

The Shadowing:Hunted, is the first book I have read by Adam Slater and I really enjoyed it. I will be picking a copy of this book up to add to my shelves, and also the next book in the series. I have to find out what happens.

[Thanks to netgalley for my copy of the book]

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