Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Review: The Next Door Boys by Jolene B.Perry

Title: The Next Door Boys
Author: Jolene B. Perry
Genre: Young Adult
Source: Netgalley
Publication Date: USA:Oct 8th 2011|UK:8th Oct 2011
With her body still recovering from last year's cancer treatments, Leigh Tressman is determined to be independent. Despite the interference from her overprotective brother, physical frustrations, and spiritual dilemmas— not to mention the ever expanding line of young men ready to fall in love with her— Leigh discovers what it actually means to stand on her own and learns that love can be found in unexpected but delightful places.
[from goodreads]

When I first began to read The Next Door Boys I had no idea that there would be a lot of religion in the book, and the lives of the characters revolves around it a lot, but I found myself really enjoying The Next Door Boys.  Although their belief was mentioned a few times it didn't feel like it was thrown in your face, so it made it easier for me to actually read the story without distractions.

The Next Door Boys is a light read, that follows Leigh on her road to recovery after her cancer treatments.  We get to see how she feels about her family's overprotectiveness and how some things are difficult for her to do like she used to do and her reaction to boys that are interested in her.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Next Door Boys and would have managed it in one sitting if my eReader battery hadn't died.  I liked getting a look into the lives of the characters, and the different personalities.  Some of them I liked immediately, but others I wasn't too keen on.  I really liked Brian as a character but also as a person, and loved Nathan
The story line of The Next Door Boys didn't feel rushed or forced and felt natural and "real", and although there is some passage of time it's done subtly and you don't notice the missing time.

I can't wait to see what happens when the next book is released (which I just found out about by going to Jolene B. Perry's website) and find out what happens next with Leigh.

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