Monday, 21 November 2011

Review:Waking Hours by Lis Wiehl

Title:Waking Hours
Author:Lis Wiehl
Publication Date:USA:Oct 4th 2011|UK:3rd July 2012
Welcome to East Salem. A sleepy town with a history older than America where things are just a bit off. Where the supernatural bleeds into the everyday.

And where a tragic murder mystery is underway. A high school girl is found dead in the town park. And where forensic psychiatrist Dani Harris wants answers. All the suspects are teenagers who were at the party with her the night before—but who woke up the next morning with no memory of what transpired. Even though evidence confirms they were all at the scene of the crime.

Former pro-football linebacker—and local celebrity—Tommy Gunderson finds himself drawn to the case. And to Dani—who he last spoke with on their one high school date forever ago. Yet his celebrity status opens doors barred to Dani—so they form an awkward alliance.

They soon realize that there’s more to the mystery than murder. And more to the evil they are facing than a mere human killer.
[from goodreads]

After reading the description about Waking Hours I knew I had to give it a try.  When I finally made a start on reading Waking Hours I found it really interesting and the whole mystery surrounding the murder made me want to continue to find out who did it and why.
Throughout Waking Hours strange things happen, plagues of animals, strange dreams and unexplained figures.  I enjoyed following Dani and Tommy on their journey together after forming an unexpected crime fighting duo, trying to solve the murder.
I loved how Tommy was prepared for anything and when he turned detective and visited the crime scene I laughed at all of the items he had already purchased from shops ready and waiting to be used.
I like seeing how their personal relationship developed as well, from hardly speaking to each other over the years, to confiding in each other about personal issues and feelings.

The only times I found Waking Hours difficult was when the religious aspect was put into it.  I could understand the plagues and some mentions of God, but when it got down to actual bible verses I slightly lost interest till it went back to crime fighting again, but I think this is just a personal preference.

Overall I thought Waking Hours was a good read and would be interested in finding out what happens when the next book is released.

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