Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Celia Rees at Bloomsbury

On Friday 2nd March I had the great pleasure of visiting the lovely Bloomsbury offices to meet Celia Rees.  Celia talked a bit about her book and then answered questions and signed books for us all.
Celia began by telling us that this was her first blogger event and praised all the blogers out there that manage to work, read and keep there blog's updated, saying that although she has a blog she very rarely updates it.  She has also new to twitter, having had instructions and guidance on how to use it.

She opened up the questions be telling us about why she changed genres and her inspiration behind This Is Not Forgiveness.
After watching a movie, Jules and Jim based on the book by Henri-Pierre Roché.  While watching this movie she made notes on how it could be updated and so began the process.  Originally This Is Not Forgiveness was about two boys who were friends, this didn't work out so Celia made them brothers, but wanted to make them different.  Jamie is the average guy, while Rob has to be very different from Jamie, but they must still be close, so he became a soldier.  Then came 'Caro', who had to be very different from other girls.  Put them all together and the book was born.

I have already read This Is Not Forgiveness a while ago, so check out my review.

Question Time
How do you go about the writing process
Celia has an idea and writes it down in a notebook, then comes the planning stage which consists of making a spider diagram of how everything goes together.  When she is ready to write she puts it straight onto a computer.

Do you write beginning to end, or bits in between
When she is writing a story she goes from beginning to end, if she can't think of what to write then she leaves it.

Do you only work on one book at a time or more than one
Only works on one book at a time, she can't write two books.  She can write different points of view but if writing more than one book then the voices of each character can get mixed up as well as the different styles of the book.  Although she can be thinking or planning another book and will just jot down notes.
I had a great time and even got to meet some great bloggers
Hannah from My Book Journey - (event report)
Sarah from Feeling Fictional
Sammee from I want To Read That
Laura from Sister Spooky
Raimy from Readaraptor
Vivienne rom Serendipity Reviews
Megan from The Book Addicted Girl
Sarah from What Sarah Reads
Hayley from Dark Readers
Misty from Bookaholics Book Club
Kate from Read 2 Review
Stephanie from Books Are A Girls Best Friend

There are a few more who I can't remember so if you went leave a comment and a link to your post so I can add you to the list.  I had previously met Sarah and Vivienne in another event so it was nice to see a few familiar faces.  I also got to put faces to blogs I have followed for a while.


  1. Fab write up, it sounds like it was a fab event :)

  2. awesome write up! It was a great event and thank you for linking my blog up! Im gutted I didnt get to say hi properly, next time!


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