Friday, 30 March 2012

Race For Life

I try not to post personal things here, I see this as my blog for reviews.  Lately things have changed which may have a backlash on here with delays or lack of activity.  At the moment I am OK in my timing but will keep you all updated if I need to take a break.

Not many people know this by my Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer early last year, thankfully they caught it in time thanks to his amazing doctor, and after having an operation to take out half his lung he got the all clear and with all his check ups after things were looking good.

Late last year her got chest infection after chest infection, more tests followed and near his 1 year all clear mark he got the bad news that the cancer is back but worse.  There is no operation that can fix it, just chemotherapy and possibly radiation to keep it at bay.

At the moment things are OK, he has had one round of chemo and is in good spirits and although his hair is falling out (he decided to shave it all off) is still the same person he was last year and the year before.


My Dad is the bravest person I know and although I don't tell him this, or how much I love him I want to do something that will not only show him, but also help others in this situation.

On June 24th 2012 I am participating in Race For Life with some work colleagues.  I have added a link to the fund raising page I have set up on my side bar if you want to donate to a good cause, but also feel free to leave comments or share your thoughts below.

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