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Review: Department 19:The Rising by Will Hill

Title: Department 19:The Rising
Author: Will Hill
Author Info: Website|Blog|Twitter|Facebook
Genre:  Horror
Source: Publisher
Format: Paperback UK proof
Publication Date:USA:Aug 16th 2012|UK:29th March 2012
Tell Me About It




 Sixteen-year-old Jamie Carpenter’s life was violently upended when he was brought into Department 19, a classified government agency of vampire hunters that was formed to deal with a little problem . . . known as Dracula.

But being the new recruit at the Department isn’t all weapons training and covert missions. Jamie’s own mother has been turned into a vampire—and now Jamie will stop at nothing to wreak revenge on her captors. Even if that means facing down Dracula himself.
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My Thoughts
How do you start a review about a book that you have been eagerly awaiting since last year, and have it be so much more than you expected.  Receiving Department 19:The Rising was a complete surprise, although I did hope to get it I wasn't expecting it at all and have to admit I did a girly squeal when I opened the parcel to find it there.
I really don't want to spoil anything about this book so my review may be vague or not make sense.  It's best just to get a copy and read it yourself to see what my ramblings all mean.

Department 19:The Rising is so much more amazing than Department 19.  It has more action, suspense, vampires and their extermination, more destruction and even more amazing weapons.
We get to see more of our favourite characters, and our not so favourite characters, and they all get to have their say, with one being a surprise with how they acted.  We also get to visit a few characters that made an appearance in Department 19, and it was nice to see how they are and what they are doing.
From the moment I started Department 19:The Rising I was HOOKED and only put it down for things I had to do, like work, sleep, although I did perfect the art of eating and reading at the same time ;).
I really enjoyed seeing how the characters have grown and matured in the short space of time, partly due to the things they have been witness to.  The relationship between Jamie and Larissa is still present, however due to issues that arise and secret missions, their relationship has a few bumps along the way which eventually get straightend out.  These two have got to be my favourite characters out of the book and I really liked getting to read their own point of view and how they react to the same situation. 
Department 19 is growing in numbers and strength but will it be enough to stop Dracula.  Some parts in this books had me going OMG because I was not expecting it to happen and events that happen near the end have me wanting the next book now.  There was one part that had me very excited and happy to happen, and although something happened to change this irrevocably, I am looking forward to seeing how it develops in book 3.
Basically, Deparment 19:The Rising is an amazing book and you should all pick up a copy.

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