Monday, 5 March 2012

Review: Ghost Under Foot by Kenneth W. Harmon

Title: Ghost Under Foot
Author: Kenneth W. Harmon
Author Info:|Website|Blog|Twitter|Facebook|
Genre: Paranormal
Source: Netgalley
Format:  eBook
Publication Date:USA:Mar 8th 2012|UK:20th Apr 2012
Tell Me About It
Just weeks after settling into their new home in Fort Collins, Colorado, retired police officer Kenneth W. Harmon and his family make a chilling discovery: they're living with a ghost.
This true haunting story begins during a ghost tour at the famous Stanley Hotel, where the Harmons experienced headaches and paranormal phenomena. Once back at home, strange rapping noises, eerie whispers captured on film, and unidentified dark shapes in his photographs compel Ken to research the land's history. What he learns shocks everyone: in the backyard sits the unmarked grave of Mary Bell Wilson, a young woman who died of typhoid fever in the late 1880s.
As his fixation grows, Ken uses a dowsing rod to communicate with Mary Bell's spirit and investigate her brief life. The spirit's surprising answers shed light on mysteries of the spirit world, crossing over, heaven and hell, and God.
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Tell Me About It
As I have previously stated I love anything to do with ghosts and after reading the blurb for Ghost Under Foot and having just finished a book from the same publisher I decided to give this book a try and was happy to be accepted for it.
Ghost Under Foot is a true story of how the author has lived with a ghost in his home, and the various ways he tried to communicate with it.

The author, Kenneth, tells us his account of when they first discovered they had a ghost, and how they communicated with it, the the communication methods advancing due to change of technology, and also whether previous attempts were more successful than others.  From small family gatherings, playing various types of music, asking questions and even video taping the rooms to look for orbs and even the research undertaken to identify the ghost.

While I enjoyed the account of the actual sightings and various methods used to contact the ghost, and also the results of these methods, I found myself getting distracted and easily waylaid during some of the historical research to identify the spirit and often had to re-read paragraphs to ensure I hadn't missed out on important details.  Overall I thought Ghost Under Foot was a good read and anyone interested in paranormal things may enjoy this book. 

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