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Review:Feeling in my bones by Gervase Shorter

Title:A Feeling In My Bones
Author:Gervase Shorter
Author Info:Website|Blog|Twitter|Facebook
Publication Date:USA:Sept 7th 2011|UK:7th Sept 2011
Tell Me About It
Jake Forrester, is recruited by Harvey Baum, a Miami based business associate, to carry out an assignment for Cyrus Kroger, a reclusive billionaire, at his heavily guarded property in the Catskills. In a series of emails to his wife Sally, Jake describes his increasingly close friendship with the septuagenarian Kroger but Jake suddenly disappears and Baum says he is out of contact, visiting Kroger´s operations in Central Africa. Shortly after Jake´s disappearance Baum phones Sally to say Kroger has fallen ill and died and then, a month later, he phones again, this time to say Jake is back in Miami but in a clinic suffering from a nervous breakdown.

Sally flies to Miami and brings Jake home. She notices there are no visas or stamps in his passport indicating a visit to Central Africa. Jake gradually returns to normal but his relationship with Sally does not regain its old warmth. Whatever happened in the month Jake disappeared brings him vast wealth but Sally is worried because she finds he is growing increasingly nervous and suspicious.

Sally and Jake start getting used to being wealthy. She finds she is leaving her old life and friends behind. They move into a Park Lane penthouse and there Sally makes a discovery that brings her whole world crashing down. She starts investigating and what she discovers makes her afraid for her life.
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My Thoughts
When I got the request to review A Feeling In My Bones I was drawn in by the blurb.  I wanted to know what had happened to make Sally hide illegally in another country and what would happen to her if she was found.  However once I started reading I have to admit that I found it really hard to stay focused on the book.  Although there was enough going on in the pages, which all eventually leads up nicely to the main event, I really struggled with it and I can't put my finger on why because once I was halfway through it just got better and better with each page and I found myself wondering what my problem was with it.

Sally is an editor in a publishing company while Jake is a 'consultant'.  He is hired to work for Cyrus T Kroger and has to travel to go through some tests to see whether he is suitable or not.  Upon his return from Central Africa he suffers a nervous breakdown when he hears of the death of Cyrus and it never the same person because of it.  We follow Sally as she narrates the events that lead up to this job and also what follows after.  Through the ups and downs of losing money than having more than they know what to do with, and the struggles of marriage.

As I stated, halfway through the book I found myself completely engrossed in what was going on and could not put the book down.  I had to finish it, I needed to know what would happen next.  The twist in the story completely threw me and was something I never expected, but I love how it was played out and how everything fit into place and made sense.  I was continually kept guessing on what was going to happen and I admire the author for managing to not only captivate me, but also keep me guessing right up to the last page.  A Feeling In My Bones is a good read for people who like mystery and suspense.

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  1. I cannot begin to tell you how many books started like this for me. This looks good and i love that author kept you guessing and ties it all together with a twist. Great review


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