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Review:Toxic Treacle by Echo Freer

Title: Toxic Treacle
Author: Echo Freer
Author Info: Website|Twitter|Facebook
Genre:  Young Adult/Dystopian
Source: Publisher
Format: Paperback
Tell Me About It
This is a world without parents. There are nurturers – women who bear and raise children, and breeders – men whose only obligation is to produce three offspring and then leave. No responsibilities, no involvement, no contact. This is a world devoid of paternal relationships, of parental homes, of families.

Micky “Monkey” Gibbon is counting down the days until graduation – until he can leave high school, start playing professional football, breed with his high-school crush, Angel, and enjoy living the life of a breeder. He can’t understand why his best mate, Tragic, is so sceptical. Who wouldn’t want to escape the oppressive rules of the TREACLE regime (Training and Resources for Educating Adolescent Children in a Loving Environment), where there’s unrest on the streets and frequent disappearances? Life couldn’t get better. Until Tragic disappears…

A mysterious clue left in Tragic’s abandoned house opens a whole plethora of questions. Enlisting the help of Angel, Micky embarks on a desperate quest to find his friend, but each step closer to Tragic is a step away from the safety of the world he thought he knew.

Angel and Micky want to uncover the truth, and in the process determine the paths their own lives will take…but rebellion comes at a high price. Angel and Monkey must choose between what is accepted, and what they think is right. Complicated by forbidden love and intertwined with fear, Toxic Treacle is a provocative consideration of what family, masculinity, and fatherhood really mean today
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My Thoughts
I have not heard of Echo Freer before, but when I was contacted for a review request and after reading the press release I said yes immediately.
Toxic Treacle is set in dystopian world were males are breeders and after having 3 babies they can live the life of luxury in their own apartments while the females, the nurturers, are left to raise the children alone, with no interference from the males.  This way of living has slowly resulted in gangs and street fights and our main protagonist, Monkey, is in one of these gangs but soon learns being a breeder is not all its cracked up to be after his friend, Tragic, disappears.  After finding him and realising the truth, Monkey devises a plan to stop this way of living and go back to the old ways, being with someone and raising the children together.

I went into this book blind, not knowing who Echo was or what her writing style was like, and although the book is small compared to some of my latest reads it did not disappoint.  Toxic Treacle  was packed full of action and constantly kept me on my toes, wondering if Tragic would be found, or if Angel and Monkey would get caught. 

I loved seeing the characters grow and find themselves in a world that wants to control them and tell them how to act and behave.  They all had their own voice and even in the last few chapters where there is a lot of action, it was easy to stay focused on what they were doing.  I loved the ending of the book and it was good to see how a small group of people can work together to make a change for the better. 
Overall I really enjoyed Toxic Treacle and would certainly look up more books by this author.

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  1. I read this one yesterday and also loved it! My reviews going up tomorrow (I think!) and I'm afraid it's a bit gush-y! Haha x


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