Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Book Twins

For my feature today I am going to show books that have the same cover, making them

Book Twins
(I have seen this feature on other blogs so take no credit for making this feature)

by Melissa Darnell
by Marta Acosta
by Carol Goodman
by M. J. Putney
(The girl in the cover for Dark Destiny has a slightly different pose, but is still the same person)

Have you read any of these books and do you think the cover suits the book?

I have Crave waiting to be read but mine has a different cover.  I do think the cover suits Dark Companion though, I have read this book and the trees in the background fit in perfectly with the story line.

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  1. I looove this image, but it's sad that it's been used so often. None of these covers are unique anymore. :( But I think that the prettiest version is DARK DESTINY, probably because of the different pose (and cropping). :D



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