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Review: Dark Mercy by Zoe Winters (blog tour)

Title: Dark Mercy
Author: Zoe Winters
Author Info: Website|Blog|Twitter|Facebook
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Source: Author for Dark Minds Book Tours
Format: eBook
Publication Date: 3rd March 2012

Tell Me About It
1955, Las Vegas, Nevada

Angeline has been on the run from her sire, Linus, for centuries. She’s tired, and she’s lonely. High from mescaline-induced blood, she sees a sign—a church that seems to glow in the distance—and she knows. Her future mate is in that building.

Important Author’s Note:
Dark Mercy is the beginning of Hadrian and Angeline’s story, not the end. Their HEA will happen later in their own full-length novel. This story is important both for the overall series and for this couple, but it’s not their HEA. Just a mild disclaimer so no one goes in with false expectations for this story
[from goodreads]
My Thoughts
Today is my stop in the Dark Mercy Book Tour hosted by Dark Minds Book Tours

Dark Mercy is a quick read, but one that is packed full of page turning greatness.  Dark Mercy introduces us to Angeline, half demon half human, and Hadrian, a human priest that Angeline has set her eyes and heart on.  Later on we are also introduced to Tamara who also plays a key role in this duos story.

I knew going into Dark Mercy that it was going to be a short story, and as the author points out, wont end with a 'Happy Ever After'.  But even after all of this i still found myself enjoying Dark Mercy and wanted to find out what was going to happen, not only to Angeline, but also Hadrian.  When a new character, Tamara, is brought into the mix it was interesting how she reacted to Hadrian and Angeline.  The characters were realistic and the description used to describe not only their mannerisms, but also the city these event take place made it easy to imagine everything that was going on.

When the story progresses we get to see a different side to both characters.  Hadrian has a dark and controlling side to him and this shows in his displeasure at what Angeline has done, and even after she confesses and says she wanted him as a mate and someone to love, he still disregards her feelings and walks away and leaves her.  I did feel sorry for Angeline though.  I didn't like the way she went about things very secretive, but I don't think she deserved to get treated the way she is by Hadrian.

Zoe has done a great job of getting me interested in these characters and their world and I really need to know what happens next to them.  Anyone looking for a quick read should check out Dark Mercy.

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