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Review: Fairystruck by J.L Bryan

Title: Fairystruck
Author: J.L Bryan
Author Info:Website|Blog|Twitter|Facebook
Genre: Young Adult
Source: Author
Format: eBook
Publication Date: 16th March 2012

Tell Me About It
While their first single shoots up the Billboard charts, the Zebras hit the road as the opening band for an epic stadium tour across America. The future looks bright for the band...if they can survive the rioting fans, Queen Mab of Faerie, the dullahan, and a few evil teddy bears.

Aoide the Lutist and Liadan the banshee wolf cross into man-world on the trail of the stolen fairy instruments. Aoide is shocked at the strangeness of life among the humans, but she also learns about a thrilling new kind of music never heard in Faerie...rock and roll.

My Thoughts
I started Fairystruck straight after finishing Fairy Blues and it picks up right where it left off.  The Assorted Zebras are still on tour with their magical instruments and still trying to keep them from being taken back.  The Assorted Zebras, now called The Rioting Zebras, but more about that later, are becoming more popular as the days go on, but they soon find out it's not all it's cracked up to be.
Meanwhile in Faerie, Aoide, with the help of Liadan, tasked with the job of travelling to the human world to retrieve the magical instruments and return them.

The close ties between the members of the group are slowly fraying and there is friction between the members.  Mitch, or Mick as he is now called, is getting too big for his boots. He is getting special treatment, being the only one aware of the bands change of name from 'The Assorted Zebras', to 'The Rioting Zebras', getting the biggest hotel bedroom and even getting text messages to alert him of appearances on television.  but when something happens to them on the bus its a start reminder of how they used to be and what they have become, and slowly the bonds between them all are starting to come back together,

From the moment I started Fairystruck I could not put it down unless I had to, sleep, work and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Fairystruck is even more spellbinding than Fairy Blues and this series just gets better and better with each book.  Opening the faerie doors adds even more mystery to someone's heritage, and although I am still piecing the clues together I have some idea of where they will end up, but not a definite answer to it all so I can't wait for the next instalment to see if all is revealed

I loved the Teddy bears of Zarmof, although they are evil, their whole attitude and mannerisms made me laugh, but if I met one in a dark alley I would run as fast as possible in the opposite direction.  The characters in Fairystruck are even more likeable and have grown and matured as this series goes on, although this could be partly due to the fact of having to grow up for the tour and rise in fame.  Zach however, is still Zach, but more annoying and pretentious.  I really do think he is only with Erin for her fame and seems to want to support her for only the high media events, and goes back home for the small towns.  I hope she sees what he is like and makes the right choice soon.

I did not want Fairystruck to end and I can't believe I have to wait till summer for the next book and I think this is the first time I will ever wish summer to come sooner.

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  1. Sounds good! I can't stand when you have to wait for the next book!


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