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Review: Vaempires :Revolution by Thomas Winship

Title: Vaempires: Revolution
Author: Thomas Winship
Author Info:Website|Youtube|Twitter|Facebook|Goodreads
Genre: Paranormal
Source: Dark Mind Book Tours
Format: eBook
Publication Date: October 2011
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Tell Me About It
It is the morning of Princess Cassandra’s sixteenth birthday. Everyone’s attention is focused on the heir to the vampire throne. World leaders, the rich and famous, and VIPs from every corner of the globe have gathered in the nation’s capital to celebrate the momentous event.

Cassandra’s boyfriend, Daniel, is late for the party. He’s still outside the city when all hell breaks loose. What he believes is an act of terrorism proves to be a full-fledged revolution. Væmpires—former vampires who mutated into warm-blooded creatures with an insatiable hunger for cold blood—have launched coordinated attacks across the globe, with three goals: the eradication of humanity, the enslavement of vampires, and the ascension of væmpires as the dominant species on the planet.

The vampire and human leaders are killed. Cassandra is missing. Daniel is the acting king. Desperate to find the princess, Daniel and his friends fight their way across the besieged city. With the hopes of the free world resting on the shoulders of four vampire teenagers, væmpires unleash their secret weapons—væmpires with special powers.

What can four teens do against an enemy that can shape-shift, fly, or walk through walls?
[from goodreads]

My Thoughts
From the moment I started Vaempires: Revolution I was hooked.  We jump straight into the action with a bloody and vicious fight scene, sparing no details about what is going on and this attention to detail was what kept me hooked all the way through the book.

You may look at Vaempires: Revolution and think 'not another vampire book', but you would be wrong in thinking this.  Vaempires: Revolution has a different breed of vampires.  We have the usual vampires that we all know and love, but synth blood (synthetic human blood) has allowed these vampires to evole to adapt to be able to withstand sun and make procreation possible.  Next we have Vaempires.  These are vampires that have evolved and become more stronger and quicker than the usual vampires and are now staging war in an attempt to gain power and control over everyone.

Vaempires: Revolution is told in two points of view, Daniel and Cassandra, who are dealing with the ongoing onslaught while also trying to find their families and each other.  These multiple points of view ensures we get to see two sides to the war from different perspective and see how each person is dealing with it.
From the moment Daniel is introduced I liked him.  He saves others from attack, both vampires and humans, and rescues children and leads them to safety, and at one point even risked never seeing Cassandra again to ensure the safety of others.  As we get to know Daniel more his age is revealed, and I was surprised with how young he was.  His actions and tough decisions make him seem older than what he actually is.  He acts older and more mature than his years.

I really liked getting to see Cassandra's point of view.  It was refreshing to see the thoughts of someone who is a main character but not used to violence and death.  I really admire how strong she is in carrying on though it all, and when it comes down to it she finds the strength to fight for what she loves.

The only thing that disappointed me was the ending.  How can you end a book like that with such a cliff hanger...it is so not fair and I really need to read the next book now!!!
I thoroughly enjoyed Vaempires: Revolution and Thomas has done a great job of dragging me into the world he has created and not letting go.  If you don't mind a bit of violence and gore in your books this is the perfect read.

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