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Cheryl Rainfield interview & giveaway

Today I welcome Cheryl Rainfield with an interview and giveaway

About Cheryl
Cheryl loves to read. Books nurture her, helped her survive the abuse she endured as a child and teen. She also loves to write. She write fantasy books and edgy, realistic fiction for teens.

Her fantasy books often hold hope that she needs, and feels others might need, too, while her realistic fiction is gritty, intense, and emotional. All of her books have fragments of the abuse she experienced. She writes about some of the harsh things teens go through...things that she thinks shouldn't be hidden. But she also writes about healing, hope, and love, and finding courage and strength.

Books were her survival during her childhood, and her journey into herself. Books give her hope. She hopes her's will give you hope, too, or something that you need.

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1. When you were growing up did you always want to be a writer, if not then what did you want to be when you 'grew up'.
When I was growing up I knew I needed to write and to create art, but I didn't think a lot about my future as an adult and what I would become, because I didn't always believe I would survive. Most of my focus was on getting safe, on trying to find a way to stop being abused and tortured. But writing and art were my voice, my way of communicating with the world and with myself, and I knew I needed them. Now, I know that I am a writer; it's who I am. Writing and art are such a big part of me and my life.

2. What has been your inspiration for writing your books?
I've drawn on a lot of my own life and trauma experience for my books. I'm an incest an ritual abuse survivor--my parents were part of cults--so I have a lot to write about, a lot that drives me. I really want to help make positive change in the world, and my books are my way to do that. I write about issues that have affected me and that there is often a lot of silence or pain around, and I try to let readers know they're not alone and that things can get better. I talk a bit about that in my It Gets Better video

3. Scars and Hunted are completely different books. Were you nervous about changing genres?
For me, they weren't so different. I drew on my abuse and trauma experience to write both of them. And though HUNTED is a fantasy/dystopian, there's a lot of real-world experience in that book, especially about oppression and cults or cult-like groups. I also loved and needed both realistic novels and fantasy when I was growing up--realistic books to help me know I wasn't alone, and fantasy to help me escape my life.

4. Which has been your favourite book to write and why?
I love both Scars and Hunted for different reasons. Scars allowed me to have a voice about self-harm, incest, being queer, in a way I hadn't seen it done in books and that I needed and thought others needed, too, so it was freeing for me. Hunted allowed me to have a voice about cults and oppression, and to have fun with the fantasy and paranormal aspect. I probably had more fun writing Hunted (although sometimes it was painful), but both books are dear to my heart.

5. From your favourite book which was the character you enjoyed writing the most.
I enjoyed writing the main characters in both books the most, because I could put so much of myself into each of them and I felt the most connected to them--Caitlyn in HUNTED and Kendra in SCARS. But I also really enjoyed writing the kind, loving support people, such as Mrs. Vespa the librarian in HUNTED, and Caroline the therapist in SCARS; I drew on bits of people who've been kind to me in my life, and mixed it with fiction. I also had a lot of fun writing the love interests in both books--Alex for Caitlyn, and Meghan for Kendra.

6. Do you have a soundtrack you listen to when writing, if so what type of music is on it?
I don't listen to music while I write--I like silence and I tend to tune everything out around me while I write. But I did create a soundtrack for HUNTED that I felt fit the mood and the story, including Life for Rent by Dido; You Gotta Be by Des'ree; and Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield. You can listen to some of the songs and see my entire list here:

7. If you could do anything you wanted to do and not have any repercussion from it what would you do and why?
I would take all the child abusers, cult abusers, murderers, and rapists, and I would send them all to the moon to live on a colony there, and abuse each other instead of people here, so people could be free (or more free) of abuse. Of course, that's just a daydream. :)

For the giveaway Cheryl has a copy of SCARS and HUNTED (directly from Amazon) for one US winner or a signed paperback copy of HUNTED US or Canada
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  1. I read Scars and absolutely LOVED it!! That was the first review I did on my blog :). She amazing and so sweet!


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